Bionicle gauntlet weapon tablescrap

Just a tablescrap claw moc i built while organizing parts. Nothing too special

Halfway through taking pictures I realized I might have unintentionally built the gold qwaser's claw from Seikon no qwaser anime.


That gauntlet looks SICK! The only problem I have is the yellow hand. It looks out of place, but I dunno if there is hold hands. Regardless, I love the design.


Yeah this thing looks really cool and it all flows nicely

The yellow hand and technic stoppers are just a case of the color doesn't exist. If it existed in gold and I had it I would've used it. Yellow was the next best thing.

That looks very cool.
(I might wanna make one...)

It reminds me of that glove from Thundercats.

Cool, I love the emphasis on spikes in its design. Also, the yellow elements don't really bug me that much.

Hold hands? No thank you /s