Uniter of suffering; shade (and creature)

I just decided to update Shade with the uniter function.

Shade. I built a seperate symmetrical arm for the uniter form.

Itami; creature of pain.
My original idea was some kind of machine with armored up mode for her but things happened and this imp thing came out instead.

Uniter mode

United with guantlet arm

Wings of the creature can act as extra blades.


that golden gauntlet thing looks fantastic!

Two words.

Edgy rainbow.

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This is one edgy concept.

I’m afraid of cutting myself.

It looks decent but I think Surge’s weapons feel out of place.

Shade shaping doesn’t contrast well, it’s probably due to the limbs shells or the torso design-

Itami is somewhat interesting and I kinda like how the head insert into the back head rather than covering.