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One paragraph in Chapter 10 of Reign Of Shadows lists all the characters sent into space, and Lewa wasn’t amongst them.

That paragraph in Chapter 11 was only published after the error was pointed out; the above question was asked in between the two chapters, as evidenced by the rest of the discussion:

Admittedly, it’s possible that Greg had always intended to have Teridax attempt to leave Lewa behind, and Lewa’s omission was coincidental and unrelated, but this, to me, reads as if the start of Chapter 11 was written to fix the previous error.


If he indeed added the entire paragraph as an add on then I also consider it was thought of later or was added to fix the issue.

Although that being said it is easier to fix a name on a list than to add entire paragraph of text. Could be both?

Edit: I habe now reread the chapter and comments greg maid.

Then entire chapter 11 was published after the error was pointed out. I originally thought you said Gredd added the paragraph to already published chapter. My bad.

It is possible Greg was inspired to write Lewa paragraph after error in list was pointed out. Or not since it was a cool way to start a chapter.


Take this paragraph from Legends 2: Dark Destiny, after Gali was driven insane by Dalu:

“Your friends have need of you,” [Axonn] said. “And by the power of Mata Nui, you will return to them, whole and sane.”
Pure power flowed from him into [Gali Nuva]. The madness and pain fell away in an instant, leaving her sharp mind intact. Only the memories of what had driven her to madness were blocked off from her.

The description makes it clear that Axonn only blocked the memories from Gali; he didn’t remove or delete them. Could this barrier be broken? If so, would Gali be driven insane once more by the memories?

I’m specifically thinking about a Klakk; we already know that its scream is capable of breaking the mental barrier keeping a Shadow-Leech-drained being’s inner Light from returning, so could it have the same effect on the barrier in Gali’s mind?

Along those same lines, how about an Order Of Mata Nui member’s mental shields? Could a Klakk break those? This one seems less likely to me, but it’s still worth wondering about.


Perhaps the shield is just an AI protocol preventing access, and can be deactivated via sonic signal? There’s a precedent for sonic signal activation in the Bohrok swarms. Maybe a different pitch/intensity would work for Gali’s memories or the OoMN shields


That makes sense, that different shields could be deactivated by different sounds.

So maybe the Klakk couldn’t do it (since it only has a specific frequency), but it definitely seems like the barrier could be broken, whether it’s with sonics or something else.


Toa of Sonics are now on the hit list, I assume?


Whose hit list?

The only group I could see trying to eliminate Toa of Sonics would be the Makuta, but there aren’t any more Shadow Matoran to protect, or even really any Makuta, for that matter.

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