BIONICLE Headcanons

Post all of your headcanons for BIONICLE here!

Now, before this topic becomes a minefield of shipping jokes and horrible writing, I'm going to lay down a few rules.

1: Shipping is not allowed here, as "love" as a concept is not canon in BIONICLE. All posts that pertain even slightly to shipping will be flagged as spam.

2: They must correlate directly with at least one aspect of canon. This means you can't post a headcanon based on something you created, it has to be either an explanation for something without and explanation, or an addition to something that already exists in canon. The latter must contain evidence as to why it is plausible. I will provide examples of both cases below.

3: Headcanon != Fanfiction. I'm not looking for fully fledged stories. I'm looking for short and to the point explanations/additions that make sense in the context of the BIONICLE Canon.

EXAMPLE A: It's my belief that the reason multiple Bohrok swarms appear all around the Matoran Universe is because there needs to be an efficient way to clean up formed landmasses such as Mata Nui (Island) that may form on any portion of the Robot's body. Swarms are placed in strategic spots, such as the Northern Continent, the Lower Southern Continent, and each of the islands located in the hands.

EXAMPLE B: It's my belief that when a Bohrok unit has its Krana forcibly removed before it is prepared to launch said Krana, it goes into a state of hysteria and will fire on its comrades until it is fully destroyed.


I think you just lost Kyoryu

If I think of something, I'll make sure to post it here :smiley:


When I get home I shall copy paste some of my stuffs. I could use this for my practical BIONICLE sciences book. =D


First priority: the official Norik and Iruni sets should actually be Dume and Nidhiki like originally intended. That change they made drives me crazy to this day...

Also, another retcon to the current canon: no more gender-exclusive elements. I'd also like to see the element of light be better represented, such Takanuva being a bit above average as far as Toa powers go, especially since it is integral to the plot (and the weakness of the primary villain(s).) Also, I'd like to change the fact that the toa of fire is almost always the leader. '06 and '07 changed this up a bit with the very important role played by Matoro, as well as the introduction of Lesovikk, who, to my knowledge, was the first (and only?) non-fire toa of the six main elements to be a team leader.
One more thing: Though it may seem ridiculous, I sometimes like to combine the canons of G1 Bionicle, Hero Factory, and G2 Bionicle. For example: Hero Factory takes place within the same universe, but very far away from Spherus Magna. Also, what if Mr. Makuro was actually a great being living in the HF world? Think about it: The Matoran species and Mata Nui are extremely advanced artificial beings made by the Great Beings. So are the Heroes. What if the heroes are scaled down robots similar to Mata Nui, with the elemental structure based on the Toa? What if Mr. Makuro created these beings using this successful formula to raise a powerful army under the guise of super-police? What if energized protodermis and quaza are one and the same?
It sounds ridiculous, but it is very interesting to think about...


TECHNICALLY love is canon with the Agori and Glatorian.

It's just not for MU species'.

That being said, does this mean Agori shipping allowed? smiley


There is really only one Great Being, and it's almighty Greg.
All other supposed Great Beings are really Lousy Beings.
Greg wiped out humanity before any of the story took place.
Bionicle takes place millennia after the fall of humanity, the Mata Nui robot was the final defense against Greg, but failed.


Greg has said on the Ask Greg topic that they were only intended to be Dume and Nidhiki for about a minute or two, maybe less.


Spherus magna=prehistoric minifig planet


Eh, fine. Go for it. But if I see MU inhabitants being shipped, it'll be flagged.

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Maybe so, but the current set designs do look very similar to there original intended characters, most obvious in the two masks. Not only that, but Dume and Nidhiki are two former Toa, one Fire and one Air, both seen as sets in 2004. If they could only do two Hagah, would they really just happen to choose these two elements that correlate to the only other former Toa? I mean, why not fire and water? One male, one female, the two most popular colors, etc. would've seemed to be more appealing to consumers. I am aware that there is some storyline significance with Norik and Iruni being the last to mutate, but that was written only after the sets were designed. Not only that, but Lhikan and Nidhiki were of the same team. Lhikan has a lot of gold with his elemental color. Iruni also has a lot of gold. Since teams often share some traits like these, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that Iruni was intentionally designed with gold to make him look closer to Lhikan, had he been Nidhiki
It seems to me that these sets were designed with every intention to be Dume and Nidhiki. This "minute or two" might've been after the sets were already being produced and only applying to the story process. Maybe the idea to have Dume and Nidhiki was already close to being scrapped as the sets were in production, and when the story teams came to decide, the decision was made almost immediately. We may never know.


It's my headcanon that Voporak is semi-immortal, and only high levels of energy can kill him.
I probably have more, but I'll think of it later.

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40 days until this fact becomes irrelevant. >:slight_smile:

Arguably, love is canon, because without it the Matoran/Toa would not be willing to fight (and sometimes die) for one another. Think about it. Matoro volunteered to kill himself in Voya Nui because he loved his comrades (and their abilities) more than he loved himself, enough to volunteer to die on their behalf. If he had no love for his comrades and been entirely selfish he wouldn't have done that.

However, since Matoran do not have to sexually reproduce, the concept of pairing up male and female Matoran through romantic bond was not a part of Matoran programming (even after Velika screwed it up). Nonetheless... glitching could allow a Matoran to have a feeling for one particular person over others, but he or she wouldn't be able to describe that feeling, because they don't have the word "love" in their vocabulary.

TL;DR: The word "love" is non-canon, but the feeling isn't.


Fire being the leader was based off the fact that all Matoran of an element (at least the main 6) are based around a common personality "core" or trait This is why Metru Nui had all six types living in it. They worked together to keep Mata Nui's personality running. Once you disregard that Matoran weren't supposed to think at all, of course.

The main headcanon that I have was kind of stolen in the original post, however, I'll elaborate mine anyway.

  1. There are several swarms in the MU, however their locations can be pinpointed down. If I recall, the MU is composed of a series of "domes" with Metru Nui being having its own dome. Each swarm has their own Bahrag queens whose numbers vary depending on the dome in question. The southern continent would have the largest number of Bohrok and thus the largest number of Bahrag to command them.

  2. If the above is true, other bohrok breeds could exist. They just aren't part of the Metru Nui swarm.

  3. Bahrag are actually bug-like robots that happen to resemble dinosaur-robots.

  4. Most of the Barraki had powers that were lost after their mutation. However, the powers could be physical abilities such as high endurance, enhanced agility, etc.

  5. The reason Vezon is insane is because he is a "half-skakdi", not just in body but also in mind. Also, if they were to ever fuse again, there would be no guarantee that Vezok's former mind would be restored. (Think of Kami and Piccolo from Dragon Ball.)

  6. All 01 rahi sets were created by Makuta Teridax.


"1: Shipping is not allowed here, as "love" as a concept is not canon in
BIONICLE. All posts that pertain even slightly to shipping will be
flagged as spam."

What? It's headcanon, anything can be headcanon, even shipping!

I like to pretend that the original 2010 and 2011 arcs went through, instead of the cruddy one we got. Like, with the decently sized group going through the maze, and then dinosaurs.


Ok everyone, here it is:
In the time before time, there was BIONICLE! (insert whole story from 2001-2010)
When Spherus Magna was whole again, the leader of Vulcanus, Turaga Vakama, recorded the story of BIonicle in multiple comic books and novels, selling them across Spherus Magna, meanwhile in the new Stone Village, the greedy matoran Ahkmou, was broke. (yeah, broke) And decided to do something in his life. He went on a quest looking for a purpose in life,but then he "happened" to find a Kanohi Olmak, the mask of Alternate Dimensions, lying in the sand in an ancient temple called: The Super Tuma Party House... When the matoran picked up the mask, he (to his stupidity) put it on his head and travelled to an alternate dimension called: Denmark. He discovered a company known as LEGO, which were struggling to create a new "Buildable Action-Figure" line. Ahkmou then took the opportunity to give LEGO the Idea of a theme known as BIONICLE, showing them copies of the Comics and Novels which Turaga Vakama wrote. The sinister matoran then got a job at the head of the story team of BIONICLE, creating a human name for himself: Greg Farshty. (Farshty was a type of fruit on Spherus Magna) In the year of 2010 the whole story was finished, causing LEGO to end the theme of BIONICLE, making Greg/Ahkmou work on different themes like Ninjago, or The Legends Of Chima, he thought all of these themes were absolutely terrible compared to BIONICLE. But his least favourite line was: Hero Factory... Since working on these themes bored him to death, Ahkmou/Greg travelled back to the Mataverse (Bionicle-Land), begging Turaga Vakama to write a fictional story of the heroic toa Mata. The Turaga surprisingly agreed, writing of an Island known as Okoto, with six Protectors as well as new enemies like The Skull Spiders, or The Lord Of Skull Spiders, and even bringing back the evil Makuta! The new rebooted theme would then take the interest of children across the globe, making LEGO the top selling Toy Company in the world, and there would also be a whole BIONICLE theme park, known as BONKLE LAND. LEGO then made a secret army, planning to take over the world, with Greg/Ahkmou ruling the world. The plan would then succeed and Ahkmou would then lead an attack on Spherus Magna, causing the patterns of Logic to combust and the universe exploded. The End.



I belieeeve that Touh of stone should beh able to manippulayt sayund!
That is all.


So the first one isn't so much a headcanon as a rewritten history that ignores how canon actually went, and the second one builds off of the first, but here goes nothing:

1: Spiriah's experimentation on the Skakdi led to the downward spiral of civilization.
Zakaz was responsible for a lot of the heavy manufacturing of transports and large machinery that was used in the upkeep of the MU, and when it descended into anarchy, both Metru-Nui and Xia offered to take up the slack. However, the adjustment process was a slow one, especially with the roaming gangs of Skakdi making it difficult to transfer the requisite items and machinery off of Zakaz to begin with.
Odina and Xia had both been in charge of overseeing and facilitating the economics of the entire universe, so when Xia began to shift more toward manufacturing, a lot of their responsibilities were in turn pushed off onto the Odinians. This eventually erupted in conflict, the war that left Ancient and The Shadowed One as the only surviving Odinians at all.
Without anyone to oversee the economic flow, Mata-Nui was further weakened as imbalances and inefficiencies began to make themselves known. This in turn led to rising tension in Metru-Nui itself, and the Matoran Civil War erupted. Makuta Teridax brought it to a violent, horrifying end, and soon after the Krahli (and then later, the Vahki) were instated.
However, the war was enough to send Mata-Nui into a slow death. While Toa Jovan and his team raced to find the Mask Of Life, the League of Six Kingdoms arose, the Barraki gaining huge followings with their promises of creating a better future. (and they truly meant it, too, though of course there was a great deal of powerlust involved as well)
Makuta Teridax once again brought that to a halt, disbanding the armies, and after Botar had taken the perpetrators, systematically erased all memory of them. Soon after, Jovan's team restored Mata-Nui, and while conditions did not improve after that, neither did they get any worse, until Teridax's plans in Metru-Nui came to fruition and sent the universe into Cataclysm.

2: Roodaka and Sidorak didn't start out evil. Sidorak was a Steltian trader who got offered a job. And then a promotion. And then a few more. And his ego swelled, and his conscience died.
Roodaka was initially an idealist, seeking to better the harsh conditions Xia now endured, and she knew that she would need power to enact change. However, as she gained power and got better at gaining more, her morals were more and more pushed aside, as she justified her actions as being for Xia's sake. At one point, however, she simply forgot, and gave in fully to the new, manipulative persona she'd created for herself.


Then whats the point of this topic if I cant show what my headcanons are ( which includes love)


Eh, I guess that is a bit limiting. Go nuts.

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