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What if Teridax used the Vahi to slow down time so he had millions of years to practice?

Doesn't controlling the Vahi mentally tax the user enough that they probably wouldn't be in a position to... you know what, never mind. No matter what I say you guys'll find loopholes to make Teridax infinitely overpowered. Feel free to have your own headcanons based on mine, I suppose, but I'm all set. stuck_out_tongue


"I know of a thousand ways to kill you right now, and 941 of them hurt."


He knows of them, doesn't mean he can do all of them. wink Besides, he's a megalomaniacal mastermind with a talent for bluffing and large-scale trickery.

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@Hawkflight @Chro : the original quote was: "there are a thousand ways I could kill you right now, and 941 of them hurt." So he could do all of them.

Doesn't mean 900 of them aren't "give Vakama to a fellow Makuta and tell said Makuta Vakama wrecked the Makuta's lab, and see what happens".


The way I imagined it:

"Of these, 63 involve you melting or exploding, 14 are death via electricity, over 200 are changes to the environment that you will die from before you can escape, and at least 4 are methods of transforming you into something so hideous that it could not be contemplated."


I'm so sorry

But as for actual headcanons... I feel like the G2 animations are a "condensed" version of the story, similar to how in G1, especially earlier on, the comics played this role. The books told the fuller tale.
(Also this is me hoping the LOSS battle isn't actually canonically super lame.)
(I guess that's not quite headcanon, actually, more speculation-ish...)


Originally, there were supposed to be different genders for each element. However, the Turaga bumbled and forgot how to manufacture gender differences in the Matoran they made, resulting in gender-specific tribes.

Marendar killed everyone on Spherus Magna, then exploded and caused a reboot of the universe.


It was stated that the gender divide was intentionally caused by the GBs

Never mind I forgot this was the headcanon thread


this headcanon I like it


The Makuta were the good guys the whole time and were the only ones to gain free will. The rest were just robots with programmed requirements to get Mata-Nui back to the great beings. The Makuta believed the Great beings were just gods playing with toys that were lower than them and wanted to get away from them. They put Mata-Nui to sleep in order for them to be away from the Great beings. Teridax erased the Matoran memory because it was the only way to give them free will. He was stopped by the Turaga as they brainwashed the matoran into seeing Mata-Nui as a God that must be awakened to see the great beings again. Teridax killing the other Makuta was an accident. He left to Bara Magna to find and destroy the great beings only to find Mata-nui and die. (This is probably really stupid head cannon but I like to think of the story like this. Makes it 06 edgy. Ya know?)


Just got this idea from watching a few moc videos, but I'd believe that, similarly to some substances in fiction, Antidermis, in a full dosage, say a whole contamination/soaking of a being in the stuff, will turn said being's mind/consciousness, and possible race, into a Makuta. However, Hyperevolution may kick in, thus the being is then supposed to wear armor to keep themselves from becoming gas which may leak from their orifices. Brutaka has the possibility of such, but some function of the Olmak allowed him(or atleast the main version of himself) to only be mentally corrupted

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Hmm... well, awhile ago I got to thinking about the Kraata powers and such. 42 random powers with no better reason for being there other than adding depth somehow? But I thought, there are 14 canon elements in Bionicle, and 42/14 is 3... so maybe there are three powers that correlate to each element? Maybe the Kraata powers are latent elemental abilities? A lot of them work, but some are just thrown where they are because they probably didn't do the numbers like that on purpose. I made a chart on a google spreadsheet here, but eventually decided it didn't line up enough think about anymore.
The top row of colored boxes are the canon elements and canon Kraata powers organized in a way that sorta makes sense sometimes. Disregard the third row; It was for an AU where I used the idea of Kraata powers being latent elemental abilities and added a bunch to fit with the AU elements. (to handle the Makutas' OP-ness, I reduced each Makuta to only 3 Kraata powers, the ones that lined up with whatever element their armor signified... but AU stuff isn't headcanon technically so bleh)

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My headcanon is that Spherus Magna people made advanced tech again and that Makuhiro city is actually a future Spherus Magna city. HF and Bionicle are one and the same. Which makes it funny that Toa are sent back in time to fix something.

This is pretty interesting, though I would have made Illusion and Chameleon Ice, and Shattering and Accuracy Stone. smile

Could it be?

Really lame attempt at a reference, carry on


Is the Toa going back in time thing part of your headcanon?

My head cannon is that over the years of being friends with Kopaka, as well as enduring a traumatic experience which left him with a prosthetic robot arm, he became reclusive and gruff.


I assume it involves the dark in some way


Kinda, mine is a softer departure for what is true canon, it mainly focuses on connecting each series since they do share similarities with one and other.