BIONICLE Heroes Discussion

Here’s a game that me and my brother will never forget: BIONICLE Heroes.
Ever since we had this game on the X-Box 360, we always enjoyed playing it. To me, the game is one of my favorites, due to the enjoyment of the scenery, the music, and the enjoyment I got through it.

However it did have it’s flaws…

  1. It always required you to use Hero Mode to get past a boss or a level. The music sounded awesome at first, but got annoying after a while.
  2. The Rahkshi where the hardest bosses! Sure, the Toa Nuva has a hard time battling these guys, but the Inika are charged with lightning and their elemental powers. I don’t see why they used the Rahkshi’s levels for the Piraka’s instead, due to them being pretty easy at times.
  3. Retrieving a Zamor Sphere? I always wondered why they did this. I would have enjoyed seeing the Toa resuce Matoran, who are behind bars, and you’d have to break the bars open, while at the same time being attacked by Visorak and Bohrok and stuff. That would have been cooler.

Overall, that’s my opinion on the console version of the game. What did you enjoy/hate?


As Omega Tahu, I loved the weapons. It was always fun to try and upgrade them to their full potential. I also liked how it had a bit of a challenge. There wasn’t much that I hated, though I haven’t played it in a while.

I hated the fact that they made the entire thing completely different to actual storyline, I kind of wish there was a proper go after the piraka sort of thing

oh and the affter the piraka fights were pretty hard
and also the music is awesome!

I’m also a fan of this as well. The first version I played was the PS2 version (nearly almost complete), then I got the Xbox 360 version, which just looked prettier than the PS2 version. Then since I was mainly a PC gamer, I got the PC version and it was technically a port of the Xbox 360 version, but it ran better and you can make it look slightly better than the console versions with some editing of the config files (you can have it at 1366x768 if you wanted to)

For those who are reading this, I recommend any of the versions sbove if you want to try the game for yourself. But for some weird reason it’s on the PS2, and not on the PS3, while it’s on the Xbox 360, but not the original Xbox.

But yeah, the ganeplay can get repetitive with the same 4 types of levels appearing over and over again (6 times!).

  1. Rahkshi Boss
  2. Zamor Sphere level for some weird reason
  3. Random Titan boss (including Axonn for some reason)
  4. Piraka final boss

Besides that, most of the bosses were unique and fun (Rahkshi were not always unique but were fun anyways. I never had a problem with the Rahkshi being too hard). For some reason before I die I immediately switch to Matoro. Kinda makes sense. Oh and about bosses, Vezon’s was, in my opinion, the hardest. Not in the 1st or 2nd part, but in the 3rd part where Vezon spammed orange Zamor Spheres at you. Do I even have to mention the soundtrack? THAT was one of the best things about the game. I don’t really have a problem with it being non-canon since I never really cared about BIONICLE’s storyline back then.

Overall it is a fun game with Visorak and Vahki galore! A few days ago on the Xbox 360 version I mistakenly deleted the save file (which, like the PS2 version, was almost complete). Kinda fitting since BIONICLE is returning and whatnot. Can’t wait to replay this game again!

(Sorry for the extremely long post.)

Another thing is that I encountered a glitch when fighting the Black Rahkshi. Apparently, Visorak stopped spawning, so it became impossible to get Hero Mode and defeat the Rahkshi. I had to restart the level. :frowning:

I got stuck somewhere and couldnt move but it was just so funny cause nuparu just kept on shaking and shaking and its so amazing!

I was just playing this the other day! One weird glitch I encountered was that during the Rahkshi battles, whenever they would blast their beams, the sound would be crazy loud! Seriously, I had to near mute the game sounds just so it was tolerable.

Dude… That sucks. I hate it when the audio gets glitchy, because it gets annoying. I’m fine with funny glitches, but ones that affect gameplay and audio, I really don’t like.

I can’t comment much on this game as 1) I played it on the Wii, complete with crappy controls and 2) the disk shattered a few weeks after we got the game, because one of my game shelves fell over. :stuck_out_tongue: The game itself seemed like it had potential, but I never got to play it, sooo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I played this on my PC and it was okay. Nothing too special.

The DS version on the other hand was pretty good, with the exception of the final boss, or rather, lack of one. The final level had you fighting all six Piraka again, but nothing after that.

Heroes was a good game. Hopefully they’ll make more games in 2015 or beyond.


Needs multiplayer, and a way to modify your character

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The thing about Heroes was that everything it did, other games did better.

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Actually that’s a really good idea. Like 6-player online co-op or something like that. I was thinking of that the other day.

Or maybe 12-player team deathmatch with the Toa and Piraka fighting eachother.

Oh I forgot to say on my previous post that I wish there was a way to disable the auto-aim. It would make the game even more fun.

Actually, exactly what I thought

The game always lagged on my computer, it would freeze on the menu screen and I would try to press buttons. After about 30 seconds the game would come back for me to find out I deleted my save file. This happened like 3 times.

The gameboy advance one made no sense… It shows balta(I’m assuming) fall into protodermis, become toa jaller. They you play as toa tahu mata. Beat the level become tahu nuva. Beat the piraka. The image shows toa hali. Then you play as toa gali mata. And the cycle continues… I just got really confused and didn’t finish it.
Also I was 7ish when I played the PS2 one and I got really scared because of playing it in the dark and didn’t play it for 3 years. I beat it and did the final boss thinking I could walk around the room letting vezon in the middle before you defeat him. Turns out over time the cutscene happens no matter what.

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I defeated the Game Boy one. As much as it does not make sense, I actually enjoyed that one, as well. I liked the concept about how your freed the Matoran.

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Ya the part of rescuing matoran is cool I agree.

I just noticed that Sony has Bionicle Heroes on the PlayStation site, along with the rest of the PS2 library.

Don’t know if it means anything.