Bionicle: Iliad

Bionicle: Iliad is a small group of members in the Bionicle community who are joined together by one goal(and also by @Samtastictogo); to retell the story of Bionicle through a fully CGI 3d animated television format. The Iliad team needs more volunteers to help produce this show, and we are searching for competent, capable individuals who also wish to see this become a reality.

The available positions for volunteering are:






Special FX

Sound FX

Foley FX


Storyboard Artist

Photoshop Artist

Set Designer

Lore Master





If you would like to stay updated with this project, you can follow us on our social media sites to stay connected.

Youtube channel:

You can also email us at if you have any questions outside of the message boards. Thanks!


I’ve heard about this! I know a guy who works at a local Bricks and Minifigs who’s a part of this. Though last I heard it was being done through stop motion. Not CG animation.

Regardless, I would love to lend my voice talents to this project. How exactly can I join?


Would you need anyone good with LDD or

Posting Discord links isn’t allowed on TTV, but if you send me your tag I can friend you and add you that way.[quote=“Kardax, post:5, topic:48619, full:true”]
Would you need anyone good with LDD or
[/quote] is the primary way we’re creating MOCs.

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That’s the # number right?

I could potentially do scripting.

I don’t have access to discord as of right now, though. I can try to convince my mom to unblock it.

(Don’t ask.)[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:7, topic:48619”]
That’s the # number right?

your username and the # number
for example, exampleperson#12345


In this case do you need any mocs?

Oh absolutely. The position of MOCist will never fully be filled.

I do recommend you watch the video though, as it’ll show a but of the quality standard we expect to see with MOCs.

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It seems like you have the Toa and Matoran designs filled, I can do the biomech, brick-technicy stuff so if there’s any mocs you need done, just ask (Preferably not too big, big mocs lag the heck out of


I’m afraid this works in the exact opposite manner. You have to ask. We rarely go out of our way to ask for any particular member of the community to join us, no matter their status, and we do have a system for submitting applications (I’ll be sure to get the details out later). It’s far more convenient for us to do things through Discord, but seeing as Discord links are not tolerated here, it does make things difficult when offering up available positions.

So if you want to help us out, you’re gonna have to ask.


Ahh right, if I could see what’s been done so far, I’m sure there’s something I could jump on, is there a way to share the discord names at least?

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I could be writer or voice actor. What must I do to join?

I could be MOCist, I’m not really that great, but I could maybe do something. I think I’d be better as a voice actor. What does “Artist” mean?

Well, you can do what MaximusPrimal has done and DM me your Discord usertag. That’s currently the easiest way of going about it.[quote=“LegoDavid, post:14, topic:48619, full:true”]
I could be writer or voice actor. What must I do to join?

The same goes for you, too.[quote=“Toa_Radrix, post:15, topic:48619”]
What does “Artist” mean?
Artist means someone who creates art. In the case of Bionicle: Iliad, you’d be tasked with character concept drawings, landscape artwork, and the like.

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I have joined the Discord group already.

Also what is set designer?

If you’re unfamiliar with Blender, it probably won’t make much of a difference. Set designer is somebody who designs the locations and environments digitally.


3D animator here. You have my sword (talents actually, but LOTR is always a nice things to reference)


I’ve got to admit I’m genuinely impressed with what’s shown here. Those models are gorgeous. That being said, I think I’m contractually obligated to gently urge not biting off more than you guys can chew, as I’ve seen it way, way, way too many times.

That being said, If y’all can get a solid proof of concept going I wouldn’t be opposed to getting involved as a Voice Actor.


If you can pull this off you guys have my eternal respect. What you plan sounds like a lot of work, but I’m always happy to see new fan projects in this community. If you need some help with designing digital Lego models, I could you out.
So good luck, and I’m really excited what this project could bring to the community in the future.