Bionicle: Iliad

How do you get the Kanohi on

We don’t. These models were rendered in Blender after being ported over from The Kanohi were ported directly to Blender and added to the model.


Any updates on the project? On the Discord server I see people only talking but not really working on it (at least from what I saw).

That’s the public Discord server. All the work takes place on another server to prevent leaks of material.

As for progress? still slow. We still have a very limited crew.


Can I join the private work group then? You can private message me if needed.


You have to send an Iliad application through the public Discord server in the correct category and have it approved. I know this is a slow process, but we’re not swinging the doors wide open about all the stuff we’re creating to anybody who asks.

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How do I do that?

I’ve pinged you on the Discord server specifically so this topic doesn’t get littered with pointless clutter.


Didn’t he apply already :thinking:

I know, it sounds weird, but I barely did it now…

so has there been any progress on the project

Are the positions shown still available?

All are currently available, yes. I’d highly recommend watching the video if you intend to apply for any of them.

How did you convert the Studio Models into blender?

I believe there’s a number of tutorials on that topic.

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We had a livestream a little while back, check out how it went here:



It’s bee a long time since we had any major public updates, but we hosted a QnA livestream yesterday - here’s the archived stream if you want to see what happened:


hey what’s up guys, Iliad’s lookin’ fresh

finally some tease

Hello again, all!

I know it’s been a while since we’ve given an update. I apologize for the lack of info we’re presenting thus far; a lot of stuff is currently baking and it’d be premature to show it off just yet.

However, due to the popularity of our Toa designs and the success of our launch video, we’ve decided to make our Toa designs public - and buildable!

Here’s the first of our six Toa, the mighty Tahu!

Thank you all for being patient with us thus far, and I’ll see you again soon!