BIONICLE is Officially Cancelled

Basically Bionicle was canceled because Lego is too popular.

What a dumb way to die.


I'm pretty sure very little of the community listens to them. They're a minority seeking attention. I had to deal with kids like this in middle school, putting me down and acting arrogant just to make themselves feel better.

It's childish, and doesn't deserve our attention.


I just needed to get that off my chest before I exploded. With school starting I need to get something off my mind and that was it.


Please dont. Find some better things to showcase that those sub par trolls.

Aka, they are stupid and thats that. (Dont care, those type of people dont deserve anything better from me)

I think I know their logic for hating Bionicle G2 and saying it is the worst constraction line, and that anyone who like it is a mindless fanboy.
Ok, so they don't like the sets, I mean really don't like the sets and that fine but they keep say that people who like the sets are blinded by nostalgia. Since they have a different opinion than everyone else they feel like their superior than everyone else and insults anyone who feeling different about what they say and they will stop at nothing until people realize that they are bad sets.
They will make excuses to yell at people like I can challenge your opinion, you're blinded by nostalgia, or we were giving valid criticism . So they end up making reason that Bionicle Generation 2 ended that has nothing to do with what the rest of the community thinks but instead that it was the community's fault.
This is what I believe the mindset of that toxic part of the community is.


That's pretty accurate, I think.

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Recently, a friend who was/is a big G1 Fan came over. When we got on the topic of BIONICLE, he said he hated the G2 sets, as they didn't do the BIONICLE Theme justice.

When I handed him the Ekimu the Mask Maker set, he fiddled with the gears and said, "Oh. This is actually PRETTY COOL."

Funny how that works...


Now I feel like you can't love or hate the sets until you have bought them and actually built them.


Gonna be quite fair, I've always been pretty critical of G2's sets. I had a lot of issues with them, and a very large number of the issues with the sets have fairly simple fixes. I think they're definitely the best CCBS sets we've gotten, however, that isn't saying a great deal considering their competition. HF CCBS was simple by design, they were just starting to play around with CCBS. It's not hard to beat that. The Star Wars or Chima constraction sets? Those could hardly be considered "great sets" by any means. Just because G2 widened the frontier of how LEGO uses CCBS doesn't automatically make them amazing. They're good. I would be straining to call them anything better. What's irritating to me is that LEGO has had several years to mess around with CCBS in multiple themes at this point, and yet the G2 sets still had incredibly amateur and strange mistakes in them. Honestly, they felt incredibly rushed. It really does feel as if LEGO doesn't care about constraction these days.

I understand not involving yourself with toxicity, but let's not forget there are sane people with actual opinions and reasoning who happen to share similar stances (albeit a tad more refined) to those toxic members. Just because someone hates the G2 sets doesn't make them a toxic naysayer, some of us have good reasons.


The summer waves definitely felt rushed. For example, how could you not notice that one of your sets couldn't hold up it's arms (Skull Grinder)?


No, but if someone uses the old "you are an idiot for liking this" and make up equally ridiculous claims without think through from all the angles, then Im sorry we have nothing to discuss or even mention said people.

To be honest, the villains of G2 got the worst from the budget limiations. toa being the primary focus, second the 10 dollar sets, and then maybe one or two villains (both Umaraks)....the rest were made with what they had left (Scorpio). And it always felt like 3 Toa get the best in terms of the budget (the 20 dollar ones), then the rest have various degrees of parts/quality (primarily the 15 dollar ones). The one that usually gets the kick in the bollocks was Pohatu, but both Gali and Lewa got their share of imperefections (no neck, small joints, lack of armour...)


Ah. That explains it.

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I haven't particularly seen much innovation either when it comes to non-bipedal characters when it comes to CCBS.


While the sets haven't been great in looks, I think it's functions where they exceed. Some of them are just so much fun, such as Skull Scorpio's, Skull Basher's, and the creature's. The Toa however, are pretty boring compared to the other sets


I disagree on the notion that CCBS has not innovated enough over time. Just compare these sets, with the SW ones, then with the Chima ones, then with the later HF stuff, and the 2.0. line. The innovation is there and apparent.

The system is fine, the primary fix needs to be around the presentation of any given line, specially original IPs by LEGO. When you put effort into making people want your products, then they will come and appreciate the building system more.

Technic wasnt loved right from the get go, it also needed a decade or two before it was widely accepted, the same goes with CCBS (though the reasons are different cause the goal of both styles are different, one mostly builds objects, the other mostly characters, so the approach to make the lines successful are different). The innovation is apparent, it just needs time, love, care, and attention to flourish.

CCBS is a fairly young system, a bit of half a decade old (Technic is 40 years old, System 60 or so years, massive time differences). It still has a lot of growing pains to go through, but where it is now, build wise its pretty nice, marketing focus is...meh.


I still think the summer waves are the most underrated waves of Bionicle ever. I love both the Skull Villains and the Beasts. Sure we got sets like Skull Scorpio and Quake beasts, but overall I like sets sets in my opinion.

Also Underrated doesn't mean they are good, it just means that I think they get too much hate thrown their ways.

But still my favorite Skull Villains over all is... Skull Slicer.


The summer waves certainly weren't completely terrible. Ekimu the Mask Maker, Umarak the Destroyer, and Skull Basher are good sets with some pretty good parts for MOCing.

He's not bad, and the stability issues can easily be fixed.


CCBS as a system is fine. It's a bit simple, but it's improving. My issue is that when G2 first came around, they completely and absolutely failed to create a unique aesthetic and develop an art direction. This is pretty important, because how a set looks determines whether a kid picks it off the shelf, or goes "Mommy! I want that one!" The Masters simply didn't have an interesting look in my opinion, and there are plenty that share that opinion. The Uniters, to their credit, have a distinct look and art direction. Journey to One has a distinct aesthetic and a clear art direction. I love the art in Journey to One. Unfortunately, in the case of both the Uniters and Journey to One, they were too late. First impressions are important, and G2 failed to make a noticeable first impression.


I'm not going to pretend like the aesthetic couldn't have used some work, but I feel like everyone is completely forgetting the feat they did with the 2015 sets. For years, Bionicle fans had endless debate as to if it was better for the toys to have gears or better articulation and posability. The fact that they managed to do both is insane, coming from the perspective of a fan from G1 who had this argument way too many times on the podcast.

I feel like that's getting glossed over in some of the posts here. I can't tell you how awesome it was to get the best of both worlds, and I'm still amazed they were able to do it.


Oh no oh no the hater they're coming. Lock your door Kahi or Jon? They will start yelling at you saying you were paid by Lego to say that. /s