BIONICLE is Officially Cancelled

Yes you would, I don't think people wouldn't be surprised that an official DVD would have TLR images on it.

Well there definitely would be a shock factor in the sense that it appeared in the first place, but I wouldn't spend as much time scratching my head, wondering how in the world they would mess that up


Remember these two videos I liked these videos before you know what.

Oh what good times those were.


Bionicle G2 just went "We're going to cancel it now." From what the guy said, it definitely make sense that Lego would say we would cancel a certain line long time before the story ends. But G2 ending was : "Netflix ending= real ending" which doesn't make sense at all.
It's simply too abrupt for how Lego work. It's unnatural in a way how G2 was handle now that I think of it.


In the first video the guy said it takes 2 years for Lego to develop a new theme. Now, we know the decision about cancelling Bionicle was made in late 2015. It is possible Lego is working on a new theme right now and that's why they said they don't have a new line to replace Bionicle next year, because it is not fully developed. I assume we will get a new theme in 2018.


How I would fix Bionicle G2.

  1. Make the Toa all 15 dollar sets. That way they would be more affordable to parents and children. Also more of the budget would be put into the summer waves.

  2. Not make those 8 solid gold masks and instead put that money into advertising.

  3. Have the Bionicle 2015 animations premier on tv. Have them during commercial breaks have a tag line like, "See more story at

  4. Make sure the books are released at the beginning of 2015 instead of mid 2015.

  5. If you have to release JTO on Netflix then release previews of the show on Cartoon Network. End on a cliff hanger and then advertise the show.

That how I would fix G2 so it go for the three year run.


I would agree with 2,3,4 but not 1 and 5.

1.I think if they reduce the price tag they might have to cut the piece count down.

For 5. I've seen shows doing this while I was in China and I hated them. I was FURIOUS. That's basically making a cash grab. Just make the show available on Cartoon Network! It's like free advertisement.

As for 4, ADVERTISE THEM!!!!! FOD GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!

Those solid gold mask were kinda a waste tbh....


Also, Put ads or something in the instruction manuals. They're basically free advertisements.


That explains how it was cancelled even though it sold well, the marketing was no existent, so they couldn't cut back on that, thus they just cancelled it

Nope, this is not even close, when looking at hobbies (Which is what Lego is for most of us) It is very modestly priced
Sorry for the necropost


It's not. Put your rose glasses down and look at the production/buy price ratio.


I would like to compare LEGO to Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering for a second here in terms of production/sale price ratio. LEGO is expensive, but your get your money's worth. Especially these days, where despite the dollar supposedly being weaker, a 20 dollar set will get you far more than a 20 dollar set back in 2010 (most Ben 10 sets were 20 dollar sets, if you'd like a comparison).


According to Brickset, the average Ben 10 set was actually about $15 in the United States.


Color me corrected, but the point still stands. A 15 dollar Ben 10 set pales in comparison to a 15 dollar Master or Uniter set.


True, but Ben 10 is a licensed theme. Didn't LEGO have to pay royalty fees, boosting the set prices? That's how LEGO Star Wars works if I'm not wrong.

Actually, royalty fees are payed using profits from other themes, star wars is more expensive because of all the special molds used

Really? I'd say you're wrong, take bionicle as an example, Tahu Mata, he had 39 pieces, at time of release he costed about 8 dollars, today he'd cost almost $10.49 Canadian, just a bit lower than the PoF who has 79 pieces so we were getting better sets, for a much better price


You are ignoring the fact that Toa Mata are nearly 16 years old sets at this point. These days we are getting Protectors, about the same size, weight and parameters for about twice as much, in some countries thrice.

Never said you don't get your fill. It's just really expansive compared to some other toys... Also, pretty sure the Ben 10 sets were 15 bucks and not 20..

Look can I say something. We don't know how Bionicle was cancelled at all. We may think is was because it didn't sell well due to lack of advertising, story, or not enough pistons, but Lego has not told the real reason why it became cancelled. Heck, Bionicle might have sold well and some inside dispute caused it to be cancelled.

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the thing is, many people would argue with that by bringing up sales figures, info from shops that is selling the sets on clearance.

for many people its trying to find the most logical answer, and one of those answers is that G2 sold not just poorly, but that it might have been one of the most poorly sold LEGO sets ever made, and for many, that is a clear answer given the quick cancelation Bionicle resived.

and now and forever, it seems that as times move on, G2 will be more and more hated by the community, with people balaming it for Bionicle's possible etternal death. Even now, one can see that the people even here on TTV MB grow even more and more sickend by G2. soon the day may come when they might not even wish to see anything related to G2 at all, and instead wish to forget it ever happend, like a bad memory.

and that seems to be the legacy that G2 now will have, a deep hatered that wishes for G2 to fade into the void and be forgotten for all time.

When Lego announced Bionicle G2 being cancelled:

First reaction: Well this suck. Oh well I guess it time to move on.


Now the community has become basically like those extreme hater of G2. And this community has evolved into hating Bionicle Generation 2 more and more. Remember IDS's video on G2.

If that came out in 2015 or early 2016 it would have been bombarded with hate like CallanLoF got.


In fairness, CallanLoF got hate because he was basically complaining that his toys' arms weren't floppy enough.