Bionicle Keyforge cards

I am an avid player of the unique deck game, Keyforge. So why not mix it with one of my other favorite things, Bionicle!

I decided to go with good ol’ Teri and his Rahkshi first, which are all in house Dis.

credit to BS01 an Bionicle wiki for the Images.

I intend to do more, probably the Visorak swarm next.

Please comment and critique!


ew, keyforge

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You got problem with Keyforge? /s

yes, it’s not mtg

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MTG is too pay to win! /s

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That’s just legacy

Okay. :confused: I’ll take your word for it. What little I know of MTG is from review groups when they talk about Keyfore, and a interview with Richard Garfield, the inventor of Keyforge and MTG. Also, have you played Keyforge?

Nah, I’m being facetious

Okay. You should though. It’s only 20$ for two people. The token’s and whatnot can be printed out.

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Next up, The unstoppable army, the Visorak horde!

Roodaka’s a Maverick from dis, and will probably be seen in both the dark hunter’s and Brotherhood deck, which will be made in the future.

alright @meepinater here you go.

Next up is the first real baddies, those rotund bullies from underground, the ball-like bugs of Bionicle, The Bohrok!

These are my personal favorites, but that might be because I’m partial to the Bohrok.

as always, please critique and comment.


These are awesome!

You should try doing Pokemon style too.

I might, if i could find a Pokemon card creator, but personally, as a game, I like keyforge much better, even though I’ve been playing pokemon much longer.

Also, I am open to suggestions and requests!

And now, presenting that motley crew, there’s nothing you can do, the gangsters of Bionicle, Yo Yo! It’s the Piraka!

As always, critiques and comments are welcome, and if you want to suggest or request, I’ll be happy to do so.


Neat idea! I’m not a card game player, but I can appreciate these from a graphic design perspective.

The sheer volume of card images makes this topic a bit difficult to scroll through. Have you thought about combining some in images so that they can be showcased side-by-side on-screen? Sorta like this:

Any tips on how to do that?

I’m guessing you don’t have access to Photoshop, right? If not, you should be able to download GIMP for free, create a large blank canvas and then drop several images into it and arrange them.

I already have GIMP. So I guess that works.

and now, the first hero’s, the soon-to-be most powerful Toa, the OG’s of Bionicle, The Toa Mata!

Comments and Critiques are welcome, as are suggestions and requests.


Those Mask photos seem unsettlingly close-cropped. Same thing with the Kaita.

I don’t see the problem with kaita, and for the masks it was the best I could get.

And now, presenting those Gladiator’s of the desert, the arena fighters, The Glatorian!

I’ve decided to Forgo the Archon cards, for 2 reasons. The First reason is that they never look very good to me. Second, removing the Archon cards make it seem more like these are cards that could appear in any deck.

Next, the original team, even before we saw the toa together, it’s the Chronicler’s Company!

Credit to @NickonAquaMagna for the card art, except for Kopeke, which I did myself, and Gather the Company! which I got from BS01.


These are super awesome, great work. Now I’m looking in to Keyforge as well haha. I’ve never heard of this!

Thanks. It’s fun, it’s a minimum of 20$ for two people, because you can print out the tokens. Or, if you really want the tokens, you can spend 25$ for the whole set.