Bionicle: Mask of Creation Game Cheating...Sort Of

Hello everyone on the Boards!

So I’ve been playing the iOS Bionicle: Mask of Creation game and noticed that with the update, pieces now appear in one random infinite level every day. Normally this would mean that in order to collect all the pieces, one would have to come back and play each day.

However, by changing the date on my iPod and going back into the game, the timer resets in the game and I can gain more than one piece per day! Best of all, the game doesn’t keep track of pieces by date, meaning that you can switch to tomorrow, get the piece, then back to the current day and do the same, and so on. I haven’t gotten all the pieces yet, but by doing this I’d assume you could get all of them in a relatively short time period compared to the normal way.

So yea, something interesting I found! If you all have run into this little “cheat” yourselves, or just want to give your thoughts, go ahead and do so below!

Also, hopefully I got the Topic right…I get so paranoid…

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