Bionicle MOC: FT44

[I love this guy so much he's gonna replace Drais as my 2nd selfMOC]

He's the 44th unit of a military AI program.
(will develop this storie later)

so i'd say the white is bulletproff armor,while all the grey is just robotics. imagine the red as wires or something.

More pictures:


How fast can you churn out these MOCs, man


looks like a military android from Apeture science


Ghosty is disproving the point I made in Isaac's moc topic...

This thing is amazeballs.


@Hawkflight Gotta go fast

@JMP yeah,it kinda does.

@Ranaki_Pakewa Thanks cx


This guy looks good
Red balljoints add to him
What is legit review?

@Creep Thanks :u

who knows

Wow! Nice integration of System!

@Paradox thanks!


I really like this guy but I think it would be cool if you used the open sockets on his knees to add flip out knee cannons or something....


He is four times cooler that Sauron. lol

Great job!

That thing is friggen beast!

@StudentScissorsLeaker Thanks. and you know that's a nice idea

@DarkTakanuva Okay? xD thanks!

@RaptorTalon19 thank you!

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I mean that you used four of the Ring (from Lord of the Rings) on his gun. Therefore, he is four times cooler that Sauron, who only had one Ring.

Oh i get it. xD


Oh boy..... Well, it's complex. I'll give it that. Unfortunately, I also hate it. Red balljoints suck. They just do, unless there is Mata red already on the MOC.
The MOC as a whole just doesn't look like one singular being. In my opinion it looks more like you took a rounded MOC and mashed it together with a blocky one. Custom faces can be good, but they do have to look like a face. Otherwise they look awkward and bland. You've got open axels everywhere, and you've got two open sockets poking out really far.

The gun is neat though

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I saw this and instantly thought of mass effect... despite never playing that game before.

I believe it helps get across the "robot" feel like those are high visibility warning signs.

Once again this helps convey the idea of it being a some sort of prototype robot that has yet to be perfected.

Unless of course the head belongs to a robot...

This MOC is,obviously,a robot.


I know it's a robot. I just don't think it's a good one.