Bionicle MOC - Hex: The Undead Dragon

I made this MOC around 4 years ago (i dont remember exactly) but it was my very first attempt at using CCBS. I stumbled across it the other day and figured id share it here. It’s an old MOC, but it checks out. Lemme know what you guys think and feel free to either leave a comment or check out any of my other MOCs.


A bit messy, but quite excellent none the less.

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I really like the head design.

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I think a bit messy is an understatement haha, appreciate the comments guys :blush:

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The best part is the head, but it looks more like a cattle skull. The rest is messy.

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Yeeah i feel ya man, this post was mostly just to see whether i should keep him together or dismantle him for parts


Those old bones need to be put to rest.


Put to rest and then put to good use i assure you

When the MOC is just right.
Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8.
It really pulls off that “undead” look
And those wings look like what should remain after all else has decomposed.
Also, is it a dead dragon or something cobbled together from hundreds of corpses?

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I believe my original intent was to create an undead dragon, the black was supposed to represent shadow or empty space, but i think in retrospect i added too much and didnt really have enough actual bone mass.


Lmao, cheers man, honestly didn’t think people would like this at all hahaha

The use of the feet in the torso was an ingenious idea
Use of shells for the spines
Those hands and feet
And what I believe are av matoran arms
Toa Mata arms in the wings.

The white torso pieces don’t fit in the wings. They would’ve better off being bare.

Tbh the black background makes it hard to see.