Bionicle MOC: Iron Skull!

Happy Halloween!
Here's a look at the menacing Iron Skull!

A member of the team of outcasts called Splinter. He has the ability to levitate, granted by the mask he now wears. The way he aquired the mask? A legend tells of the mask having been a power passed down through generations, possibly across many races of beings. Or, another rumor is that he killed the being who wore the mask, and stole it from them. Whatever the case may be, he's surely an opponent none would want to be pitted against!

He wields a very unique weapon. A powerful one at that.

Front view, without his gun.

Back view, without his gun

Now here he is with my self MOC, Jerin.

Any questions? Ask away!
Have a nice day!
Link to my review over this MOC:


Looks Legit.


Hey! I have seen your vids on the youtubes! :yum: I think you may wanna redo the photos cause you may have updaloaded them to early @theBolderBoulder

That's my kind of bad guy, very nice, while still being fairly simple! :+1:

Seems legit...

So, some tips:

If you are uploading pictures, wait until you see this:

just without the space.
THEN you can click post.

Just remember, sometimes, patience is a virtue.

Just not one of the 3 virtues.

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10/10 best MOC

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Yeah. I think I'm gonna call the @Mod_Squad.

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@theBolderBoulder Hey, dude. Your gonna have to put pictures for your MOC, or I'll close this topic. When uploading, make sure it reaches 100% for a picture and then move onto the next. After all of them are finished, THEN you submit.

Huh. Colour scheme seems well balanced but proportions seem a bit lacking.

(I may be making this up based on nothing, but...shuddup.)

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NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE RED AND BLUE PINS!

Remember Uncle @Eljay! Of course, I can't see it...

No need to TRIPLE post, @theBolderBoulder. Triple, double, quadruple, etc. posting is against the rules, and can be avoided by editing your post and using the @ symbol like I'm using to reply to multiple people.

I like the Gothic style, very vampire-esque

Ah, now that it works: Colour scheme is a bit boring, but proportions seem good.

Wings are clever.

@Plural @RedHuna101 @Booster_Gold
Images have been uploaded! So sorry about the mix up. How do you all like it?

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No visable red or blue pins... Karz! My prediction was off.:stuck_out_tongue:

This is actually a great MOC!

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Doggone, this definitely takes the cake as the best MOC using the new skull masks that I've seen so far. The color scheme is somewhat basic, but you manage to pull it off VERY well. Also I'm really digging the Knights Kingdom leg armor/guards, and the weapon is a brilliant use of the Pridak feet. He also just has this eerie tone about him, which is quite fitting.

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Okay! This is AMAZING and I wouldn't except any less from you! :smiley: My favourite parts have to be the leg armour and that SHWEET weaponry! I would give it a 9/10 as some of the armour pieces look a little odd, but anyway THIS IS EPIC AS A BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!!! Hope to see more from you! (Also I just wanted to say I based my old self MOC after yours, which can be seen from my avatar!)

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How did you do the lower legs - as i own that piece and the attachment is for normal lego bricks. Tried using technic to hold it and it is loose, so wondering how you got it to stay?

Pretty nice, consistent MOC.

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This looks incredibly rad.

I really dig the weapon for it, and the overall vibe is just killer. This is one of the best Skeleton MOCs I've seen, hands down. :ok_hand: :100: