Bionicle MOC - Sage: The Evergreen Guardian

It's finally here! That new MOC I've been promising you all! This is Sage, The Evergreen Guardian.
Sage is a peaceful forest spirit that nurtures all aspects of the natural world and serves as a protector against the forces that seek to ravage his homeland.
Sage was an extremely fun and interesting build and was based of a concept I had been wanting to explore for quite a while, and that was to make a character that was a living embodiment of the forest itself. And true to this idea, sage contains many elements inspired by various aspects of nature. I.e. the leaves and foliage/vines sprouting off his body, branches and dirt, flowing water, as well as flowers and flower buds. You will also notice that Sage wields no weapons. I felt that after i had finished building him he simply looked too peaceful for me to even try and come up with some form of weapon, and that doing so would detract from his character.

Sage holding a flower.

Front View

Rear View (notice the blades of grass sprouting from his heels)

Head Closeups (Forward and Side)

Closeups of Torso (Lower, Middle and Upper) Fun Fact: His upper torso is built around an old Roboriders piece

I hope you all like this new MOC and as always C&C is most appreciated and i do hope you all take a look at any of my other creations if you are interested. And i assure you many more are on the way soon.


It is very green.

I like it...


It uses six different kinds of green so yes hahaha, yes it is :blush:

Very interesting parts usage, but the blue inclusion is a little odd to me.

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Is it sad that I initially read this as 'Sage: The Evangelion Guardian'?

Anyway, the Moc has a unique look to it; I like it.


I didnt originally intend to include blue, but after briefly looking at the recoloured flame pieces from the protector of jungle set i liked the way that blue looked against the apple green and figured it would nicely represent flowing water. That was just my thought process however, and it is entirely subjective

This is quite a unique MOC, with great parts usage, and just looks great!

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Coming from you man, that means a lot, thanks ^_^

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Wow, thanks!
Can I ask why?

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My first time here on the message boards was when the jto makuta topic first came about. I remember you having a particularly large contribution to recreating him in the earlier days of the topic, and i actually managed to recreate him from the pictures you posted within the first few days. So yeah idk it just makes me happy that you appreciate my work, because i appreciate yours :blush:

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Green is one of my favorite colors.
So I automatically like this.
And the MOC looks great.
The concept is cool also

And he reminds me of this guy:


I guess you could say it was a happy little accident :blush:

Oh wow thanks! You just made my day a bit happier :slight_smile:
I always feared that my hard work on that model would have passed unnoticed, but evidently I was wrong!

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Glad to hear it man, keep on keepin on :stuck_out_tongue:

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The light blue really irks me, but I'm happy to say the rest is quite enjoyable. Barring the hands...those look like bricks, which is very unfortunate given the organic design of the rest of the MOC.

He aint perfect, but hey, he's quite cute and a fun character design.


Normally with mocs like these, I'd post a practical paragraph of puns, but I can't think of any good plant jokes right now. So here's some alliteration instead. Great moc by the way.

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Thankyou all so much for the feedback guys, i appreciate every bit :grinning:

So much green $_$

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Yes there is haha, yes there is :^)

I mean Ivern.

He reminds me of the tree guy too.