Bionicle MOC - Shadowstep: The Silent Assassin

Hello once again! Today I would like to show you all another new MOC of mine. This is Shadowstep (super edgy name courtesy of my good friend Davis). I made this guy the very next day after my last MOC: Sage, and I have to say i didn’t really go into building this guy with any plan of how he was gonna turn out or even what the heck he was going to be. But this was the result, a stealthy, ninja-like character with a long whip tail and big ol’ bat ears. This build started with the head (as I’m sure you could have guessed) and I’m quite proud of how it turned out, also please do excuse me for the various illegal techniques used here :^).

Shadowstep: The Silent Assassin

Full Body Shots (Front, Side and Rear)

Head Closeups (Side and Front)

Upper Torso (I’m very happy with how these hands turned out, it gives him some really good expression)


As always I thank you very much for viewing. Please leave any C&C good or bad, it helps me out a lot. And again, I have plenty of other MOCs up here for you to check out if you feel so inclined


This looks pretty dandy.

However the gun on his arm isn’t the greatest…

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You know I totally agree, I want to give him a weapon of some sort but I’m stumped for ideas. Any suggestions?

Perhaps a similar idea (An arm mounted weapon), but with a blade, and a more solid looking connection?

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I’ll see what i can do and post the results back here soon :slight_smile:

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It looks really cool and those fingers are amazing

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This looks really neato!

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did somebody call



Anyway this is quite a fun little character. Quite enjoy how he looks, especially how you pulled off the head and…shall we say, literal bat ears.

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Looks amazing, and did remind me of Ekorak’s moc quite a bit… but I have one gripe. I’m not sure about those fingers. I personally have had bad luck with connecting those pins to exoforce hands, so I dunno about this.

Other than that, great looking moc!

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That head is awesome, sweet Moc dude.

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Well if its stability that youre worried about i can assure you that they arent going anywhere, theyre secure as can be :blush:

Excellent work! The head is probably my favorite part, but the MOC as a whole is pretty great. That color-scheme is especially cool, too.

Definitely wouldn’t want this guy coming after me…

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Nifty. I like how the eyes were done. Also, what are those round things on the top of its head?

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They’re minifig visor pieces that conveniently happen to fit rather snugly around that Inika armour addon piece, which after making this guy i have a newfound love for, it’s such a useful and versatile piece.

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This is a really great MOC!
Reminds me of Alien.


Very xenomorph like

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Aight, just wondering. I tried it once and it failed pretty miserably.

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The hands and weird chest lumps are the only complaints I have.
The rest of the MOC is pretty great though.

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Hahaha was waiting for someone to point that out, yeah no idea why i put those there but for some reason it worked for me at the time, might consider changing them