Bionicle MOC: Sheyka

Female skakdi Bount hunter. she's crazy and she loves smiles.

i'll make a deeper backstorie later.
[excuse the bits of brown left on her head/spine]

more pictures:


"Eeewww... nuva boobs"


Anyway Other then that, I guess she looks nice. Some of the paint seems to be coming off the Avak spine, thighs and arms seem nice and proportionate, she has a cute knife, idk about the tire, should've inverted it. Ankles seem off. Say, what's the brown rubber around her chest for?



Yeah,thanks! the brown thing is actually a lego whip i believe. it's only there to make her look less bland.


I love Skakdi. I love this Moc. Can't believe you painted that Avak spine black. Makes it look like a completely different character (can't say at first glance that it's Avak).


@Rockho Thanks! i would've kept it brown,but i have so few brown parts.
and it looks cool in black q:

those feet need to be swapped, they don't fit a skakdi at all.
the tires need to be inverted.
needs a more skakdi fit weapon, a skakdi bounty hunter needs dual bfg's, not some wimpy dagger.

otherwise, I like it.
the nuva boobs look like a solid breastplate, so it gets a pass.


I'm not sure what to think of a female Skakdi. I'll just say it's good but that some of the tires look a bit weird.

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needs more sharp feet, and invert the tires, other than that, it's fantastic

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Thanks! i'll see what i can do to fix some of those problems

First off, you painted a piece, which I hate.
Next, you made Nuva boobs. Which don't look good The waist is quite thin, and the thighs are huge. The spikes on the one arm are useless and don't help the look at all, mostly because they're not repeated on the other arm. The feet are way too small, and the shins are weird.

I have three Avak spines

I should totes paint one


This one is awesome smiley

The "nuva boobs" don't look bad here because they aren't huge or gappy, and flow with the rest of the moc. The brown looks like a scar or something too. It works with the bounty hunter motif

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I agree with all points listed....she needs a BIG FRIGGEN GUN!!

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@helryx Thanks!

@RaptorTalon19 Yes. i made her two huge guns a few hours ago. i'll take pics in a few minutes,so keep watching this topic when i'l update it

@Ekorak Three
ye do it

I made her guns


Weapons are legit

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could be bigger, like avak trailer bigger.


Too awesome, man.

Wonder how the other Piraka spines would look like, painted in different colours...


@Calvatron c:

@Payinku it could

@Rockho Yeah,if only i had more piraka spines