Bionicle Moc: Umbrage, Toa Pirate

Hey guys, dropping my first post into the TTV boards. I figured since I'm a big deal (SARCASM) on youtube, that I might have a hand here as well.

Below is a Moc I revamped recently with the intention to bring a nice balance between clashing colors, lack of symmetry, and the trans lime green Skull Scorpio mask.

Umbrage is a Toa of (preferable) Darkness and Fear. While not inherently Evil, he wants what other people have, and stops at nothing to get it. His elemental power is darkness, which has evidently infected the left half of his body, and giving him strength and speed that surpasses his crew. Now while he enjoys combat, when angry he will activate his crystal mask of fear, which puts victims within a five meter radius into a panicked state of anxiety, and prevent them from disobeying him. His left arm and left leg can regenerate most damage somewhat fast, but he is still careful about taking damage in battle.

When activating his mask, the victims masks will make an obvious transformation to signify they are being affected.

Above is literally my favorite pose of him. It just speaks power and intimidation with those two swords.

Ironically. This revamp started with a whole new moc at the shoulders. I was playing around with the beast jaw pieces, and made a torso piece. I then took the head from another moc and stuck it there, pleased with the result.

While not my MOST complex moc, or my absolute favorite, his portions and overall look have won him a place in my heart. I really enjoy the way he looks.

What do you guys think? I know his limbs are a bit simple, but trans lime green has only so many pieces.

(also am I doing this right? lol I would like to upload more pictures I have of him, but the TTV board has rules about uploading.)



Pirate MOCs are trending

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yar har!

While he is slightly OP(then again, who isn't?), he is a nice yellow pirate.

Well the OP is what makes him a short lived main villain ^.^....

until he gets wrecked by the definition of OP Edgelord.

you's jokin, righ?

Long story short... My selfmoc is the definition of "needs a debuff."
Sad thing is, his Opness comes from the fact that I keep throwing more ridiculous stuff at him.

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maybe you could post his current version and see how everyone reacts?

Back on topic

I think the acidic color of trans lite green and yellow with black is interesting

I WANT to... but I can't get his butt just right... Current fashion problem I know....

and back to topic yes.

I KNOW! I have been struggeling with the exclusive mask for so long, trying to get a right moc to put it on. I had a black and lime green prototype, but it felt so stereotypical. (I also have a bad habit of inventing colorschemes as my next post will demonstrate.)

First off, let me say...


+10 points automatically.

Secondly, dang that Scorpio mask looks good on him!

Great build, he's really unique and interesting! Good job!

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Pretty sure that's not an element -.-

No, but seriously the color scheme is very appealing.


No it's on there...

You just need to close your eyes and turn around!

Trust me, I saw the diamond on the Mask of Control! :stuck_out_tongue:



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This picture blatantly disproves you, my friend:

:stuck_out_tongue: I know there wasn't, Meso is crazy!



Screenshots picture


You are very welcome! :smile:

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@PakariNation99 Lol. I don't go by the periodic table :wink:.

@Alex_Twenty_Two haha! That picture, love it! (I just got the mask a day ago.)

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This is a great MOC!

I like the use of the trans-green Scorpio mask!

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I must be new to this, as haven't heard any rules about it...

But easy solution; add a few images to the topic and have an imgur album of images that you can link to.

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Idk. It says "New members can only upload three images" when I try to upload more. I'm not really worried about it as waiting, and/or posting is easier imo than trying to figure out a whole new website for just a few pictures XD

Mmh, first I've heard of it, guess its a new user thing. Yeah, just upload it to a gallery somewhere or display it in a video as you've done for your other work. Might help if you desire to share more than one image currently.

Also, haven't mentioned this, but really like the MOC. The colour scheme actually makes the Skull Scorpion mask feel like it works well for him.

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