Bionicle MoC: Vendetta

So I built this moc as an entry to a couple of moc contests being held on Instagram right now but I wanted to share her here as well. I'm really satisfied with how this moc turned out because there were a lot of new things I wanted to try with this moc, like using system more extensively and building hair. But I want all of your guys opinions on how you really feel about this moc :slight_smile:

Edit: in actuality, this moc was made as a sort of social commentary/experiment. The moc contests just conveniently happened to be going on at the same time. I've seen far too many mocs, some of which are really good, become instantly disregarded for being what some people consider "oversexualized." Moccing is a form of art, a form of free expression, and for people to quickly disregard a moc simply because it's oversexualized, is to completely ignore the effort a builder puts into their mocs. As well, since moccing is a form of art, nobody should have the right to tell anybody how to do their art. So I oversexualized this moc on purpose and gave it a Rahkshi head to test whether or not people can see past those features and understand the effort that I put into this moc. Again, this is the first time I have used system this extensively, and I think I did a really good job of making some organic looking thighs with the posable buttcheeks, but I don't think many people will notice that because they're too busy hating on the moc for being oversexualized. This is also my first attempt at making Lego hair and I think it turned out really good but I don't think many people care since the hair is on a Rahkshi head anyways. Each and every comment that can't see past the "generic oversexualized female moc with Rahkshi head" further proves my point, and I thank you all for participating in this social experiment.

I haven't thought about how she plays into my storyline ( yet, but I have another moc, Xhelos (, who I wanted to say was a To-Kuta from a parallel universe. Maybe in this universe, The Shadowed one decided to only create To-Kuta that used a combination of Light and Shadow as he viewed those as the most powerful elements. Vendetta could possibly be the Eyrik equivalent in Xhelos's universe, since Eyrik, the first To-Kuta from the prime universe, and her use the same weapon. Just a rough idea though

Edit #2: This is the most replies I've ever gotten on a moc. I wish my last post garnered this many replies, considering how hard I worked on that guy :frowning:. Anyways, glad this moc inspired such strong feelings inside of you all that you took your time to comment on this post. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello there, Ms. Generic Rahkshi-Headed Nuva-Boobed FemMOC #1950376.

In all honesty though, it does try to do something unique with the color scheme and the construction, so there's that.
I never really care for Metru chest plates on Rahkshi heads, however.


The MOC was literally made for an oversexualized MOC contest on Instagram.


Actually, it was made because I wanted to see how many angry comments I could get when I posted it on Facebook. The MoC contests just conveniently happened to be taking place at the same time :smiley:



It's a joke MOC?


Man I put so much effort into trying new techniques for this moc just for it to be called a joke moc. I'm a little hurt


You just said you made it for the sole purpose of making people on the internet angry...


It's just a very generic over sexualised moc with a rakshi head.
Nothing really makes it stand out from the rest.

I agree with Joe on this


Are you angry?

I don't really have a reason to be angry.

That said, it doesn't change the fact that this MOC wasn't really made with serious intention, according to you :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the legs look well built and are something pretty new. I would definitely like to see some of the designs executed on some other Mocs. @Joe, although I don't agree it's necessarily a "joke moc", I can see where your coming from. @Daedalus , I think this could possibly be turned into a more serious moc, maybe. All in all, nice work.

I uhh, I don't think you know what that double bohrok eye design implies. If you do, well, congrats, Lynna 2017 edition.


The fact that just from seeing the name I already knew this thing's gender somehow infuriates me.

That, and that 2nd picture pose.

Nice job on the hair though.

I'd like to think the custom, system-heavy thighs with individually posable system buttcheeks makes it a little unique

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Ok now, this, this is an extra thicc moc, its kinda cool for a joke moc

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Huh, I didn't realise they were posable.
It's not every day you see posable buttocks, I guess that kinda makes it unique.
But it still looks fairly generic in my opinion.


This would be unique if I hadn't already seen a bunch like it.


Yep. At least it's not black and silver

Adding some metru blue would look nice imo, since it's already present on the arms.

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Instead it's black and white

but then again who am I to talk about black and white MOCs



"The moc was made for a social experiment"

Come on. No it wasn't.

"Mocing is a form of art"

ok I mean I guess I can agree with that

"Instantly regarded as oversexualized"

I mean yeah when the first thing that's noticed on a female moc are the private parts then you've got an issue.

"Completely ignore the effort put into the moc"

I'm being honest the moc isn't even that good. And with the oversexuality being the prime issue then yeah you should look at this and fix it.

"Nobody should have the right to tell people how to do their art"


This right here

This just goes against the idea of improving mocists as a whole. Look I can agree that mocing is in fact an art, but its like comparing a good moc with a masterpiece. You have to accept criticism, adapt from that, and find your unique style. And I can garuntee that if you don't accept criticism and make the argument that nobody should have the right to criticize you because it's art, then maybe mocing isn't for you.

Now I don't have major concerns with this moc. Build is alright, but the genericness (I suppose is the word) is too much. Rahkshi heads with metru torso armor for the hair and Nuba boobs on a female moc are all bad. And also never use the bohrok eyes on the torso there ever. I know you probably don't know what it means but it's bad.