Bionicle- Nova Orbis Reboot

It’s happening! I said I’d bring back Bionicle- Nova Orbis in 2021, and by Mata Nui I’m doing it! Here’s the cover for “Issue Zero.”

Some of you may remember the original Nova Orbis, but… well, over the years it just grew harder for me to go back to. I’m doing it again, but it’ll be VERY different this time. For one, it’s an actual comic now. It’ll be concise and streamlined, sorta like the official DC comics. You’ll see. New pages coming up!

And for those who haven’t read it yet, here’s “The Toa,” a reimagining of G1 I finished last year. The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna


Let’s goooooo!


As happy as I am that NO is back, I will miss all the old plot threads and character arcs we got before. Hopefully, it really is for the better, and your handling of The Toa does give me hope, but it’s a shame that the original had to end on a cliffhanger like so many things.


I never got around to reading the original Nova Orbis, but I loved The Toa. I’m very interested to see how this story will turn out!


Most of those plot threads will be picked up, I’m just trimming the fat.


Ey! It’s back! Looking forward to seeing Ahkmou and the gang again.


Nice to see that Nova Orbis is back now it’s time for me to start reading the previous books before this starts.


Ayyye, am pumped for this.


Wooo, I’m super excited to see this back. I remember getting into the original way back when, can’t wait to see how you handle the reboot.


YES (In Planktons voice)
I haven’t read the original you speak of so I’ll be able to enjoy this for the first time!
Thanks dude!

Whoop! Whoop! Can’t wait to see more of your style

I’m sorry guys, I’ve tried dozens of times to upload the first pages all morning, but I just keep getting errors. :frowning:

I don’t know why the site doesn’t like me.


have you tried flickr?

you could also try copying and pasting everything if you haven’t tried that yet.

Picking up where the time before time ended! Here we goooooo.


I’m way too excited for this

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Very nice beginning

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I loved Nova Orbis back in the day, but I remember it started to stagnate/lose focus towards the end there.

That said, what made you decide to reboot it rather than continue where you left off? While I’m sure your skills as both a writer and artist have vastly improved, remaking old works can be a constant spiral that many webcomics fall into.

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I just really don’t like how the story went. I have a whole new outline for it that’s much simpler and more cohesive.


We get our first look at the new Matoran, and they’re very different than the ones we knew in Gen 1.


So intriguing so far.
What application do you use for drawing?

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