Bionicle Rahi Moc Windchill

Windchill is a blind bird Rahi it use the sound of air to see around and can normaly be found around the Ice or Jungle region of Tora-Koto.

It pray on Ruruno’s and is a formidible flyer.

Windchill is seen as a dual elemtal creature becuase it live’s in both the Ice and Jungle region’s of Tora-Koto.

it is said that it was the first creature given control over an element by the great spirite Pandora.

Windchill are offten used as a way to train young warriors in the village of Air, because of it’s cleaver use of air to move around and because it is both sillent and fast somthing a ninja village like LeTora strive to be.

beside Ruruno’s Windchill’s also eat skullspiders.


It’s pretty good, though I see it as more of a villager with claws and a helmet using some flying device.

Nice I like the placement of the brain stalk cause most creature Mocs that use that head look like they have a big transparent squid ward nose.

Do you know how sound works?

I think Echo Location would be better

but hey it is your choice

Blind and bird don’t go together in my book, but this seems to work. I can’t say the head looks much like a beak to me.

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