BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

I'm not going to comment on anyone's auditions until after the month is over and it's closed.


I just realized my school starts on the 28th. Hope I have time to read lines!

Getting excited for the end of August. I can't wait to see who's who!

And, I might have one last audition before the end.

Actually, two last auditions:

This is the better of the two, I think, but that cackle, dang...I just can't seem to get the cackle without sounding like the Wicked Witch. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one I've actually been sitting on for awhile, but never got around to posting. Make of that what you will.

So, I look forward to seeing the results!


My audition for onua

Thanks for auditioning! However, the role of Onua has already been filled, as seen in this chart at the top of the topic.


Alright, I'll throw my hat into the ring. I won't trumpet my voice as a great one, but I quickly threw this together for four characters. If any of the voices take your fancy for others, I can play along.


I can do kulta, skull basher, anyone with a deep voice.

You can send in an audition for anyone you like, granted that the character is not already taken on the cast sheet.

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I like your skull slicer, and your skull basher made me laugh

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If this is still ongoing 'd love to throw my hat in the ring.

You've got until the end of August. Have at it!

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Thanks! I've been meaning to get into Voice acting for a while, glad this popped up to give me the chance. I'll try to have my auditions to you by the end of the week.

Any chance that means that we literally have until August 31st to get our auditions in? I will have time to record one more on the particular afternoon in question.

Glad to hear that you're tossing your chances in! Good luck!

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Thanks! looks like I'll have some stiff competition!

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September 1st, 9 AM Central Time is when I won't be accepting any more entries. I'm not going to bother staying up until midnight just to post in topic "OKAY NO MORE ENTRIES". :stuck_out_tongue:

If any come in after that point, they'll be ignored.

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Here's mine! It was a ton of fun to do these, and I'm ecstatic to see the audition results!

Here are the characters I did in this video (In order)

Due to editing shenanigans, the video had to be split in half. Here's the rest.

Once again, the character list.

Three random villagers/Protectors
Skull Basher
Skull Grinder
Skull Slicer

Thanks for the opportunity to participate, and good luck to everyone auditioning!


Skull villains sounded lovely my friend!


Thank ye!

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Your auditions are legit my favorite ones I've heard. Standouts were Ekimu, Random Villager #3, and Skull Basher.


Thank you!

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