BIONICLE Reiterated Auditions: S2 Cast List Finalized and Art Signups Open!

Here my audition for Kulta


Might audition for this, just gotta get home and experiment with some different voices first. Was always waiting for a chance to put my new mic to the test :slight_smile:

Edit: 'Fraid I'll have to pass on the audition for now, school's started to pick up and I don't think I'll have enough time to record.

And again I have an audition for this.

Assorted Villagers

Okay, I lied last time. THIS is my last audition. Well, auditions. I present my audtions for Vizuna, Narmoto, and Izotor. (Credit to @Biodude15 for the idea to have my voices play off each other.)


So, at the 11th hour, I finally have my audition for skull slicer ready. My mic was acting up, so I try to do something better tomorrow, which if I'm correct, is the last day.

As of this message, the auditioning process is officially over! Thank you to all who auditioned; the results will be revealed by Sunday, September 3!


Can't wait!

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Yay! Can't wait to see the results. Hope I get to participate in the final project; fingers crossed.

Looking forward to it! Thanks for giving us the chance!

Dunno if I'll get in, but I really appreciate the chance I got. Good luck to everyone!

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I want to thank @RaptorTalon, @JediTimeLord824, @Lehari, @Scorpion_Strike, @Phoenix, @Azani, @VBBN, @ShadowWolfHount, @deadmatoro, @Biodude15, @Mangle2725, and @DannyBoyy for auditioning. I think pretty much everyone except for one or two managed to get a part of some sort. So, let's get into it!

One of the most auditioned roles, many people gave me their take on the Master of Fire. Some sounded similar, while others were a unique take. Only one can be our favorite hot head however, and that goes to

Kopaka is an interesting character to get down. My personal favorite of official BIONICLE media is Kopaka from Mask of Light, but for Reiterated I wanted something a bit different. The person who get's to be angry at Tahu a lot is

Ah, the Master of Stone. So different from his G1 counter part. This was the least auditioned for character, as I only got ONE audition. By default, Pohatu goes to

For the great Mask Maker, I wanted someone who could fill in a Turaga Lihkan type role for future seasons after he spends the majority of Season 1 asleep. The person that get's to be everyone's mentor is RaptorTalon!

This was another role that was auditioned for a bunch. I liked A LOT of these auditions, but at the end of the day, most of them sounded a little too Makuta like. So, the person that gave me a different enough voice is VBBN, with his second Kulta audition.

Skull Slicer
An interesting part, in that I gave him G1 Starscream characteristics in the info. That was probably wrong on my part, because after playing Fall of Cybertron again over the summer, I realized that Steve Blum's Insecticon Kickback was the perfect voice for Slicer. Thankfully, someone must have thought the same thing, or this is their version of Starscream. Slicer goes to RaptorTalon.

Skull Basher
Lots of great auditions came in, however they did something I didn't expect. They gave him too much character. Basher doesn't have many lines in Reiterated, proving to be more a physical, yet mute challenge for the Toa, and so I had to go with someone that didn't actually audition for Basher. Skull Basher goes to ShadowWolfHount with his Kulta audition.

The six protectors were interesting. It's a mix of people who actually auditioned for Protectors and Toa. Like Gali, Korgot has still not been cast (I'm working on that).

Narmoto: JediTimeLord
Vizuna: Prentice1215
Nilkuu: JediTImeLord with his Vizuna audition
Kivoda: Lehari with his Kopaka audition
Izotor: Azani with his Kopaka audition

That pretty much wraps up the main cast. I'll be contacting all of you soon so we can get this show on the road, and talk about how I want you to sound. Thanks again to everyone who auditioned!


Woo! Thanks so much for this opportunity Prentice. I will not let you down!

There's still a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, congratulations to the people who got in. I look forward to seeing how this will turn out.

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Thank you, thank you so much. Congrats to everyone who were accepted! I look forward to working with you all!


Likewise, RT.

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I'm very happy with my role as REDACTED is my second favorite member of the REDACTED! I'm very excited to play him and be a part of this project, however I have a few questions. 1 Can I record multiple versions of my lines?
2, Will the REDACTED be in more episodes in future seasons.


So glad to be a part of the crew.

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@prentice1215 The list on the post you just made is significantly smaller than the list in your initial post, why is that? Aside from the obvious. Sorry if that sounded rude.

In terms of parts, the list is actually no different. It's just that when I screen-capped the filled in chart, the image size is a little more zoomed in. This may give the impression of it being smaller. There are still 26 roles on the chart.


My bad, I was confused as you said there would be 'NPC-esque' characters, as I call them, that would also get some VA work but considering that they weren't on the list that confusion's cleared up. Thanks.

@prentice1215 So, when is recording gonna start up?