Bionicle revamp: Pohatu, Master of Stone (2.0 version)

Hello people!

MrBoltTron here and this is going to be my first post here in TTV!:)

Okay, anyways, let's face it. Bionicle is back, which I'm very happy about it. The rebooted sets are awesome, but lacked something that I kinda wasn't happy. But I have built Pre-redesign version of Toa Okoto team (And they're found in my albums in flickr)

But that's not the thing that I was talking about it, shall I show you, Pohatu, Master of Stone 2.0 (or more likely, revamp)!

2.0 version:

Pre-redesign version (old):

Video Removed until user has gained Master - Waj

More pics:

(NOTE: I kinda did video review of it, but it is in a small synopsis. The reason why I did this way, because there are already many of those 2015 Bionicle set reviews, so it is kinda a waste of time to revisit those pros, neutrals and cons.)

Well, here it is! Obviously I just swapped those new parts to replace those older parts.

And yes, you may see some custom parts, especially those lower vahki legs, which they are painted in silver, in order to match the original version of 2015 Pohatu's look. And there are modificated axle parts and lightsaber sixed bar parts (which they're visible in his thigh armors).

Luckily, I found some of these old technic parts, which they're in same color as Pohatu's new brown (or more likely Huki or Hewkii color), and those Huki colored Bohrok eye parts, giving a little color matching to Pohatu's color scheme.

All in all, there isn't so big differences than my Pre-redesign version of Pohatu, The whole point was to change some old parts into new parts. But that's about it ^_^


Me, the moc creator and drawer (im not a furniture!) Welcome you to the Boards! Wait... i think i was about to tell you about these boards! Cough anyways, I walcome you ethier way!

I remember the first moc... and i think it was better than 2.0, but its just my thought!
Stormerangs are preety simple things, as you added like 4 parts! (I would prefer trying to make custom ones instead, but again, that would take time)

Afterall, how are you doing?

Out of curiocity, are photos of all other characters done? (I think the centaur-spider guy "icantrememberhisnameofc" looks great with golden mask, plus it get iuse, so please dont change for that black painted one, but thats just mine opinion!)

K, bye!

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I'm fine, like I said, I have been busy, because of that my college, which keeps me busy > . <

Anyhoo, The other Toa Okoto members aren't photographed yet, but I will try twice in a week or once in a week.

And you mean Alshradaak, right? Well the golden mask of skull spider, I kinda wanted to make something like a same function like Toa Okoto, but I'll update the idea of it, soon:)

Oh! And one more tging, somtimes your flickr account wont load, and will shou that oage does not exist, thats something on thier side, imma right?
Edit: I hate LG keyboard... its soo small!

It won't load? I don't know then, when clicked it was fine. I don't know what kind of an error is that '~'

Looks pretty awesome.

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Looks great!

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I like the look of this revamp, and Welcome to The Boards!


Awesome, I loved the first version but this is just as cool!

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I absolutely love this one.


TBH the first version was much better. The introduction of burnt orange clutters up the color scheme a lot, while it's passable on the original (still need to get rid of tan.) Still, greebling is impressive.


Personally, I like the classic Pohatu much better. The 2015 one looks kinda cluttered with the colors, while the classic has a more consistent color scheme.


@charyas @ToaKeravnos @Stoax @ToaVuhii Thanks a lot! ^ ^


Please refrain from double, triple, and quadruple posting again.
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the moc is horridly cluttered

first version is much better

but its so small

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@HawkFlight @Chronicler

Thanks!:) I know, they color is clustered (and good point about it), but I'm fine about that.
I tried to keep it kinda clean, so that they're not randomly mixed, especially the torso area, well the back of it uses ordinal brown and the front of it uses Huki brown. And the feet and hands are just regular brown parts, in order to keep the brown color balanced, kinda.

P.S. Thanks Chronicler, I wasn't aware how to multiple at one time and not just seperately


Well, I don't know what to say about the color of it, but the idea was to keep the color scheme balanced.

And no problem, I already learned to reply multiple people:)

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I knew something was fishy about those legs...

Overall, my thoughts have already been posted; so yeah... but I like the older one more as the color scheme is more consistant, though I do look forward to you other revamps, keep up the awesome work! smiley

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Thanks! ^ ^ I will soon put them one by one, when I have a time:)

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Ah! One more thing, since you done all the revamps (well you still "need" to do protector revamp :3), are you going to make summer 2015 wave revamps? wolf

He's certainly got quite a bit of bling. wink

Anyways, I bid you a belated welcome.

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Well, the protectors doesn't have a big revamp, except just filling the up with technic parts, and some accesories (and weapons) are revamped slightly. And yes, I am planning to revamp 2015 Skull Creatures :3


Thank you very much!^ ^

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