Bionicle Revolution

I would just like to start things off by saying that I did NOT make this. It was made by a guy who goes by the name of Failsafe42. Its a trailer for an upcoming Bionicle fan film called Bionicle Revolutions. So what do you guys think?

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This looks incredible.

The models are amazing, and the animation is decent. Is it just one guy?

Some of the voice lines might be a little off…


I don’t think so. But honestly I’m not sure. I know that there are multiple people for the voices.

How so?

My favorite part was when Pridak says “If you think we will come quietly, you’re more insane than I am.”


Very interesting.

I’m gonna have to watch it, gotta see those credits.

I dunno.

Some of them just seem not right.

That whole shot was veri spooki…


From what I’ve seen, on top of the Barraki (Which is already awesome) there will also be Sidorak and Roodaka, and by extension, the visorak (Probably. That hasn’t been confirmed as far as I know), the Rahkshi, and some others. I really hope there will be Bohrok and the toa mata/nuva.

its one guy


Wow. I am impressed.

Oh my.

This is supper impressive…

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Pridak is absolutely spectacular, I saw this before.
I’m really hyped for the finished product.


Aren’t we all?

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This looks amazing, the models are absolutely amazing, stylized combined with realistic. GET HYPE!


Not to mention that the creator said its going to be much longer then anticipated. When finished, it should be about an hour and a half long.

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Hey everyone! I am a voice actor and a part of this film! I voice Bio-Hero, the golden/red character with the golden shield and sword. Being a part of this film is a blast and I can’t wait until you all can see it! it is indeed one animator, but he has several voice actors including myself. He is currently getting a composer for the music of this film. Production is moving fast and it should be released around Christmas 2016 or early 2017!
~William Furno


Well holy crud. I was not expecting that.

Holy smokes. The animation and models are great. Pridak and Vezok by far are the awesomest ones.

I’m impressed, and stoked to see the final product.

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Here is a bit of info:
The main four protagonists consist of (voice actors, not characters):
-Jake Dylan
-Sartix Films
-Me (William Furno)
and I currently do not know who is voicing Rewire
Some other people I know of:
-Bionicle C4
-Underscored Double
-Tektonik Films
Sartix, Tektonik, and I are the most well known BioTubers. You can check out any of those people’s channels to see what they’re like. I’ve worked with them many times before and I can tell you they all have their talents! I’m glad to see the hype for this film is growing! FailSafe is very happy that his project is gaining attention!


Im really hyped for this. Surprised there wasn’t a topic sooner. The model’s look great the voices are alright and the animation (in the current state) is a very mixed bag. From good to mediocre but i assume that will change before realse

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As am I. I can’t wait for this to come out.

All hype died when I saw that its a bionicle and hero factory cross over, the two words just mesh so badly.

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