BIONICLE Set # 8945: Solek, the worst G1 Bionicle Set

I noticed some of the points @Mesonak made during MakutaFest in there. XD Nice.

Never regret owning a set because it gets you more pieces, no matter how small.

With Playmobil on the other hand, that is another story


who wouldn't want poor solek


im on ebay now, huntin down solek


two words.... good guy


What have you done... You've summoned...



I actually think Solek doesn't look that bad. He's got terrible functionality and a boring color scheme, but I love his mask and just thinks he looks overall cool. But that's just my opinion.


The mask is what makes it a good set

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I liked him

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apparently, you haven't been in a French supermarket: in the toy aisle, there are ten feet long shelves FILLED with recent Playmobile (like, half the aisle, filled every month with Playmobile); but for lego, there are two year old Lego sets sprinkled randomly on half a shelf. (I kid you not, they still have three 2012 Lego star wars advent calendars). It makes me cry every time I see it. Also, after several years of rotting on the shelves, the Lego sets still cost more than full retail! (in France, stores don't buy wholesale toys, so every store sells them at different prices)


Actually, Tanma has blue eyes in the '08 comics. Could have been a error the color guy made, though.

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color errors arent uncommon in the comics sadly

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Good guy, my good ol' friend!

Keep in mind that the scope is an attachment added to a mask. The Akaku doesn't have that scope by itself; the user chooses to add it.

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I like Solek's mask... I even have it on an Ice Toa moc I made .3.

i have video evidence to prove solek is not as bad as you all perceive him to be @Mesonak

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I believe this proves he is so bad he makes other sets fall apart


Skull Scorpio was g2, not g1. Plus, Solek is the worst because he is way to simple and can't bend his knees and elbows.

The video doesn't prove anything but the phantoka Kopaka is awesome, not Solek.

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Solek isn’t even that bad.

This is back in 3 years ago, when everybody turn @Mesonak hating Solek into a meme/overuse joke.