Bionicle Shadow Characters

so after a suggestion from @Scarilian :

so i desited to do that, and basicly i will make shadow versions of the Villains and other Characters from Bionicle.

Here are the ones that i have currently made:

Shadow Umarak

Shadow Slicer

Shadow Basher

what do you guys and gals think.


I love how the shadows have holes and creases like in the bones and weapons; makes them look all the more spoopy

Interesting, reminds me of the Shadow Toa from Tale of the Toa.


Oh man these look cool

these look extra spooki, I like 'em

the shadow characters look really cool !

so spook

[quote=“DarkHenrik, post:1, topic:17333”]
Shadow Umarak
[/quote]Whenever I see this, it always reminds me of this guy:

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Shadow Warrior

Shadow Scorpio

Shadow Grinder


They’re definitely much fuzzier and have a cool fading effect near the edges.

I don’t know, I like the sharper versions like Skull Basher, but I bet plenty will disagree with me

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Shadow Ultimate Kulta

Shadow Tahu

Shadow Gali

Shadow Pohatu

Shadow Onua

Shadow Lewa

Shadow Kopaka

Shadow Narmoto

Shadow Kivoda

Shadow Nilkuu

Shadow Korgot

Shadow Vizuna

Shadow Izotor