Bionicle TV show guys?

Yeah, if there gunna make one, what do you think it’s going to be like? Childish? Like the movies?

It’s definitely gonna be kid-friendly, but I hope it is like Avatar where it handles more mature themes. I also hope for some intrigue and plot twists.


Gold like that would be nice, but it may be safer to be a little skeptical.

Ohh I didn’t think about the avatar side of things.

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Probably gonna be EXACTLY like Ninjago.



I think Bionicle is the perfect franchise to deconstruct the preconception of animation being for kids only.
Avatar tried and did well, but it’s seen as a foreign show despite being American.

Probably a mix of the style of the previous movies and ninjago/chima.

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i already had this idea once the colorized image came out

I think that any sort of TV show would work a lot better than a movie. Chances are, it’ll start out kid friendly with a dark edge, and eventually get darker, more serious, and mature as/if the series goes on. Kinda like Bionicle’s original run.

It’s going to be like the Hero Factory show. Lots of clichéd characters and tropes. LEGO thinks that their main demographic is little kids. What LEGO has not realized is that if they write a good adventure story that can be enjoyed by everyone, they will sell more figures and make more profit than just targeting one demographic. Like how Disney made superheroes popular again.