Bionicle Week 2015!

Best of luck to you.

Also, I forgot the MoC contest. :facepalm:

Oh well :slight_smile:

At least we got leaked photos of the sets.

Welp. R.I.P. My chance of winning.

I’ve actually extended the time until Friday at noon EST, so you all have time to work on it.

So, what you’re saying is that we have time till next week to do it?

Welp, I completely missed Creation Day. What’s next?

Nothing; Creation Day marks the end of Bionicle Week.

Dancing all night

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##The Destiny Day Stream is now on Youtube!

(with no lag or interruptions whatsoever)

It abruptly cuts out at the end


And I am still in the chat, and winning…


So here’s my Bionicle week roundup:
I wore my TTV Tahu ■■■■■ to show off my Bionicle pride.
I started writing my Bionicle tv show fanfic again.
I started writing up said show as a sort of script as well.
I built a Kopaka: Master of Ice.
I started up some new Bionicle-related drawings.
I started a new super-secret project that may or may not become a thing (still worth noting).

I started work on some new video-related content :wink:

Overall, a fun way to celebrate the anniversary week in my opinion! Happy leak season! what’s weird is that it rained the day of the leaks :confused:


I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because I like to copy other people, here’s my Bionicle Week Roundup:
I burned my Good Guy and Bad Guy
I summed Rocka Nui by surrounding an Ignika with all of my Rocka Masks
I worked on my SwergMitester MOC
Wrote Five Reviews
Used my LEGO Set NO. 450 Box to crush all of my siblings’ knockoff bricks
I posted Gifs on the Boards
I made Freaky Avatars for Peoples
I put a bunch of sets on a new shelf
I Fainted from the sheer joy I received from the Nexo Knight Leaks
I might’'ve killed @PekekoaOfJungle
I changed my Avatar to a random kid who is wearing Mixel Goggles
I played about Ten Hours worth of Mario Maker and cried for about 75% of it; I need to get better at gamzez ;p

Overall, an average Plural Week, besides all of the Avatars, of course. :wink:


I played Destiny, hung out with the old CHC crew, was on the Stream, and bought Onua and Lewa.


I went to school, posted what to do on each day, (except Lore Day) and other stuff.

I went to school, did homework, went to comic con on Saturday, hung out with my friends, enjoyed the bonkle leaks


Yes. I am quite dead. :sleepy:


R.I.P. Avocado.


Apparently this is a thing now

I began to think more about the MOCs I want to build for 2016
I started MOCing again
I got to play bass live twice
I played Fire Emblem Awakening
I watched the 2016 discussion topic go to Karzahni within a day
Also I made a bunch of people overract with one keystroke (not going into that rn)

Because I like to copy other people copy other people saying that they like to copy other people, here’s my Bionicle Week Roundup:

I was away for half of it.
I unintentionally started a Baby-Protector Avatar trend.
I got killed by @Plural.
I raged at the lack of Notifications.

That’s it.

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