Blitz Mafia: Chaos

Blitz Mafia: Chaos

Night 0: Prepare to Die

The group of peeps have gathered at the edge of town, waiting for the break of dawn to set out on their sure to be perilous journey. It’s cold, and the wind is howling like no tomorrow. However, that won’t stop these determined adventurers, for they all have a goal in mind. Whether or not it’s the same goal among all of them is irrelevant. Many will die, but hope for success on their mission is much stronger.

The first hints of day begin to appear, signaling the time has come for the expedition to begin.

Stay on top of your game, and you might just survive. Good luck, troopers.

As it stands, there are 15 total individuals in play.
4 Ordinary Peeps
5 Infected Scrims
1 Head Honcho
1 Defender
2 Rogues
3 Secret Roles that could change the tide for either side, depending on
his/her success (allegiances unknown, could be good or bad)

Every night, there will be a murder, sometimes two or more. This game will be played in 6/18 hour intervals. It’ll keep people watching and invested and help the game move along faster.
Each night will be a murder (give or take a few). The following scenes will have hints of who might have done the murder. Players will have to decipher and vote to execute the culprit(s).
Make it clear who and what you’re voting for. If you do not post with "I am voting for (person)” it will not be counted. If you do not vote within the 18 hour voting time, your vote will not be counted.

You only get one vote, and there are no last-minute changes.

The time interval for this game will run 10 PM to 4 PM PST (Pacific Standard).

The List:
1.) @AdamusTheFirst - Rogue, executed night 3
2.) @Zero - Infected Scrim, executed night 4
3.) @Radiation-7901 - Infected Scrim, executed night 7
4.) @Invader - Rogue, executed night 5
5.) @MetaRayMills - Ordinary Peep, deceased day 2
6.) @Ranaki_Pakewa - Defender
7.) @Werewolf_of_London (Nogus1) - Ordinary Peep, deceased day 1
8.) @Sonus - Infected Scrim, executed night 3
9.) @Leoxandar - Head Honcho (captain), deceased day 3, revived night 3
10.) @CrusaderofCaesar1 - Infected Scrim, deceased night 6
11.) @Chilly - Ordinary Peep
12.) @OraNui - Spy (Secret Role), deceased day 3
13.) @Omega_Tahu - Infiltrator
14.) @MataNuiNuva - Ordinary Peep, executed night 2
15.) @king328 - Ordinary Peep, deceased day 7

Roles will be sent out momentarily.
The game will begin 10 PM Monday 12/12.



let’s all die


Where was the sign up for this?

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Last I checked, 4 + 5 +1 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 16, not 15, and we have 15 players.

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Day 1: Free For All/News Travels Fast

It’s only been a few hours into the trip, but the winds and chills of the previous night have not let up one bit. As the group makes their way through the wastelands towards their first proposed resting point, they’ve already realized something is very wrong. Word has already spread that there are people who are not as they seem. Rumors and suspicion have already begun to set in with the heroic Eitveembee group.

The cold was already too much to handle for one member in particular. Nogus promptly collapsed after a failing effort to keep up with the others. No foul play was detected, but that didn’t really ease the tension. Those who refused to accept the notion offered up candidates to execute on the spot freely, awaiting support or opposition.

@Werewolf_of_London, Ordinary Peep, deceased by frostbite and hypothermia(?)

Special Scenario: Free for all, while no list of suspects has been made initially, every player has the chance to elect a suspect of their own. Two votes will put a player on the chopping block, and whoever gets the most votes from there will be executed. Keep in mind: with the many different roles and low total player count, executing the wrong person this early could come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

You have one vote and 18 hours to vote up a culprit, if you so desire.

Good luck!



I guess the only real way to connect to any real suspect is the theme of this day.
Considering that he died of well, cold weather-related issues, perhaps the culprit has a Christmas-theme to him at the current time, be it the name, avatar, etc. Then again, this does feel kinda vague, but there isn’t really anything else to go on by…


So, this could mean that something else could’ve been in play to his murder?

Are these scenarios just going to happen at random?

Considering we have no suspect list. Voting seems like a bad idea right now.


I heavily concur.


But again, that would make this a free pass for the mafia.

How are we supposed to decide on who to vote for, then?

I don’t believe we have to vote at all in this case.

I want to vote for whoever just to see how it turns out.

Let me make it clear that this will be a game full of twists and turns, and deviations from the standard game format. The mental challenge will be a big focus here, so it’s key to consider the next move like a game of chess.
Think of this round as a free period to look ahead.


I vote for @Sonus.


Love you too, Leo.


I know.

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So I’m guessing this means I’m going to die unless someone else gets more votes.

Nope, need at least two to get on the chopping block.


Don’t vote. The chances of killing innocent are greater than killing a mafian. A shot in the dark will cost us.


Well, too late for some…