BLUE CEL (official self-MOC)

So FINALLY, I did a decent self-MOC.
Behold the one
The only
The queen of puns
The queen of grammar
The quen ov spaeilng

So BlueCel is (oh yeah boiii third person speaking) an Okotoan that likes to both draw, and write. She wants to be a chronicler one day, but at the time she is also a good builder. She usually builds vehicles n' guns in her spare time coming up with crazy designs. However most of the time her creations end up looking weird even though they are functional. Even though she puts all her effort in some stuff she ends up being quite lazy sometimes.

NOTES: the rifle of cringe can be heald very easily due to the lose handle which allows for some poses. It can also be stored on her backpack. Even though her "boots" with propelers look impractical they can hold the figure up with no issues.

And finally, I know the red ball joints break the color scheme and that one "smoke" bohrok eye looks out of place. By the time I finished taking these super high quality pictures I actually found the blue bohrok eye and the black ball joints, but I was too lazy to rebuild and reshoot (caze in point)

And at least something good came from buying a nexo knight (the swords in the skirt)


Bruh, teh different shades of blu, 0/10.
Jk, though this is a seriously nice little Moc. Love the look of the weapon.


What can I say? I love blue, thanks!

Good weapon, ok build, questionable camera quality.


You use Trans Dark Blue, I like this moc...


Yeah, my camera is as good as a potato. Thanks anyway!

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That's a pretty cool self moc far better than mine

I also love the rifle of cringe.




not all too impressive I guess.


Wasn't trying to build something impressive and outstanding, just a little me version. Thanks for the feedback though?

upper arm and upper torso/shoulder assembly is not all to great

try something more simpler, but the upper arms are a mess

Pretty neat self MOC, the weapon in particular is very creative.

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looks good, except for the tiny dinosaur arms contrasting against the bulky upper legs

To be fair they are proportioned by following the "hands end before the knees rule" .
Then again this is a very tiny MOC so...I see your point heh.

Plural's Quick Review:

  • Custom Torso looks Okay
  • Back Knives are pretty Interesting
  • Like the propellers on the feet
  • The Weapon looks Awesome
  • The Articulation in the Arms looks limited
  • Movable Shoulders are Meh
  • Visible Axle is Meh
  • Loin Cloth looks Awkward
  • The Different Shades of Blue causes the Color Scheme to become Inconsistent

I would give this MOC a 5/10

Needs Some Work :wink:


Agreed. nice work all in all.

Funny how everyone seems to LOVE the weapon when it is literally the thing I spent the least time and effort into haha. I just say the mantax torso and said, hey that looks like a rifle.

Looks cool, but maybe should have added one or two piece's of the same blue color as the mask just so the mask dont stand out to, over all it looks cool.

I see, yeah I'm kinda mad that only some of the Toa got thouse transcolored mask's, okay now with wave 3 we do get the Toa with that kind of mask's but I wanted one from Gali as well as Tahu and I would have liked if they had some with the non gold color's that are transcolored as well, like with Tahu's trans red mask that was given as a special even item at some convention.

I kinda wished I had the trans blue Mask of Water. And actually I did put some more azzure in the color scheme, in the back, but ai changed it to have the trans blue swords for the skirt in the back.

Pretty neat!

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Yay, BlueCel has a Self-MOC now!

Looks alright. My only complaint is the Visorak foot sticking out from the bottom, but otherwise that's it!