BNK King of Artahka 2.0

Here is the updated and better than ever BNK King of Artahka my self moc

Hope u enjoy


He’s, colorful. A little messy too. Maybe try to make it flow better?


Hes suposed to be colorfull i purposely made him that way

One heck of a Frankenstein-esque moc


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is horrendous
  • Shoulders seem off
  • Hands stick too far out
  • Calves are gigantic compared to the thighs
  • Open Pins on back look Meh

I would give this MOC a 5/10.

Needs Some Work :wink:


The clusterfrag strikes again! Beware his jumble of miss-matched colors and cluttered build! But at least it ain’t an inika build, amirite?!


I thiny u guys woul like it much more if i showed u the endoskeleton

the build is nice but yeah his colours are a bit wonkey. still good though

He’s defiantly colorful. The purple, green, and blue look a bit out of place. Also, it seems to be a bit silver heavy in the back. I would suggest either removing the random-ish colors, or add more of them where there is silver or gold.

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I got to say this is pretty great!
But the blue and red pins are noticeable.

Warning, the following contains harsh critique.

Gonna be blunt.
Not impressed.

It is kinda like BIONICLE stew. A jumbled mishmash.

The feet alone have half a dozen colors at least.

The frame itself wouldn’t be much better even IF the colors worked, because it’s still jumbled in build.

No offense is intended through critique, but the only advice I can give for this guy is to try again. From scratch.



Those are feet…

I might be rethinking my score…

I still really like the build, but the colours are still really weird. If you get rid of the orange, green and red, he’ll look great. But, as is, 7.5/10

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I thought those were rocket skis or something.

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I’m even more confused…



This moc is awesome. I like the rocket booster feet, creative head, nice flow of color, and epic weaponry

Not sure if I said this before, but there cannot be a king of Artahka that is not Artahka,

As for the MOC, I’m gonna be blunt here.

I hate it. I hate literally everything about it, with the slight exception of the magma sword. It has no colors, no shape, no consistency, nothing but size, which doesn’t count for much when it looks like a parts bin came to life. The feet have to be the worst part of it though, they are so cluttered.


I have to agree with cal, I like nothing about this moc.


Tbt and rack are correct they are rocket skis
Payinku seriously its not that bad and u cant judge if u cant give reasons why its bad
Pekekoa of jungle thanks critique helps me a lot
Ekorak sery bro cant read comments they are blurred out

[Facepalm] @BNKHawaii, click the text…

Also, remember to use the @ command.