Board CSS Update

I’m going to be stress testing some visual updates I’ve been working on for the boards.

Please report any glitches, bugs, or general weirdness here.

Feel free to comment on things you like or dislike as well.


It’s visually a bit jarring, but that’s sure to wear off rather quickly.

What qualifies the topics to be displayed at the top? Recent posts?


Only like half the pages I go on look like they’ve been updated. The rest are the old layout, or format, or whatever you wanna call it.


Those are weekly “hot topics”.

It is determined by how active the topic has been throughout the week. (it will only featuring topics in Creative Content, however.) So basically if your creation is popular and you get a ton of posts, it’ll be featured on the front page.

Likely your cache still being updated. Should fix itself over time, but I’ll look into it- be sure to refresh your tabs if you had them open before the change.


Oh! Interesting.
I might add that I’m not sure about the new topic button. It seems a little too… everpresent? I’m not sure how to describe it without comparing it to a big, blaring light or siren. It’s just kinda in your face.


Love the new look, reminds me of a dream I had a week ago.

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ya broke mobile :confused:

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Yeah, the line at the side makes it impossible to see anyone’s avatar’s!

I like the “New Topic” buttom.

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It’s cool, I just really wish it would stay there instead of following you around. Even a visual sidebar kind of thing might help to make it look less like it’s floating.

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It actually is behind the avatars, but yeah, threw me off too.

I read a book about optical illusions, so I know these things.

Uh, I don’t think I made this topic…

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So the Hot Topic bar

i think it needs a name

how about Steve?


It says “updated 20 hours ago by helryx”

Not “created by helryx” :stuck_out_tongue:


Steve the Hot Topic bar. I like it.


Oh. Well, I feel stupid.


Also, is there a reason why Steve is only showing topics in Lego Creations? Is it just that those topics are the most popular?


Aw, it doesn’t show how many replies a post has anymore

Edit: on some posts, anyway.

Sounds difficult to read.

and boring

Edited for Double Post. -Indi (With an assist by Slime.)

ya you scurb - Slime
######and neither of you noticed that this was wrong.

The software our boards use doesn’t have an algorithm that compiles all the categories together in a single easy to access list so we aren’t able to develop a tool to display it.

I decided to go with creative content because it visually makes sense being displayed through images versus, say, community.

If you’re wondering why it’s only displaying Lego Creations and not Literature or Artwork, it’s simply because Lego Creation topics are more popular this week.

I’ll be developing a separate theme for mobile if it makes you feel any better :frowning:


Alright, just wanted to confirm that

Can I ask your blessing upon the name of Steve the Hot Topic Bar?


No. Go awai.