Board CSS Update

Also nice job with the bigger YouTube links.


I’m standing behind Var like a small child hides behind and adult they trust.


Yknow we still don’t have my original request for a GregF Emoji :frowning:
That would be great…


RIP in Peace old layout; You’ll be missed. :cry:


It was always broken on mobile. :disappointed:

But yeah, there I was, reading this topic, when suddenly, the layout of it changed. :scream:

I like it. If he could talk, I imagine him being voiced by Steven Merchant. :smile:


Get Varderekt.


Is it just me or does the site and text look a little bit blurry? It looks a little off. Also the update itself looks great!

The grey seems a tiny bit, but I wouldn’t have noticed it if you didn’t mention it.

I don’t see it.

What gray?

Maybe there is too much white? I don’t know. Something seems off.

So I just noticed that Steve takes you to the most recent post of the featured topic, regardless of if you’ve read it or not. Is there a way to change that at all? It seems a bit annoying to see a new topic on there, then have to scroll all the way up and read down.

I cant say that I’m seeing this myself, could you provide a screenshot?

Good catch! Adjusted to feature the first post instead of the last.


Well it’s very different. But I’m not noticing any glitches just yet. Though everything feels like it’s a quoted in another post now.

UPDATE: OK something weird is happening, I clicked on “Prototypes discussion” and it said “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

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Ah, young Protector.

In the first few months of the boards, there was a mobile site, that was a mobile site.


I just remember that when I joined, the site wouldn’t even try to load on mobile, and it still doesn’t work.

EDIT: Well, I just tried loading it again, and now four things load: The background, the words THE TTV PODCAST, the logo, and an advertisement! :confused:

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I never had any trouble on mobile which was the only way I got on here during my first month here.

Well then I don’t know. It can’t be my internet, my internet is great. Could it be my mobile device?

This new layout…such slight changes, but it’s still hard to get used to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like it much more, though. It’s more organized and easier to read posts.


Stop using a flip phone to get on the site.


Wat. :neutral_face:

I have an iPod…