Bogarak, the master of Memes

Bogarak is one of my MOCs that does not suck…which is a rare occasion. He is also one of the most hated, most edgy, most sarcastic, most annoying, most controversial characters in The Blade’s Edge RP

le edgi pose

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”


No pose at all, but still edgi.

This character was based around the personality of Richard the Warlock from LFG…to sum it up in one quote:
“Killing means you never have to say sorry.” -Richard

He is one of the worst characters i ever made, but I still like him.

Theme: (may be disturbing)

Rate this thing, be both harsh and friendly…do deeds both good and ill… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I have nothing to say, you’ve already made all the memes I would have.



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A bit rude…don’t you think?

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It had an /s in it
Wait I’ll edit it


He is good but I think his shoulders could be a tad more broad to balance out the bulk-proportions ratio.

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Color scheme is pretty dang edgy, and is implemented quite well. The build is nothing to write home about, though - shins are particularly off-putting.

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Where is the cloak from? Furno XL?

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He looks like reaper…Overwatch dlc confirmed!!!


BIONICLE x Overwatch crossover confirmed!!!

mhm…I will see what I can do about it.

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Does he walk the Boulevard of Broken Memes, though?


Huh, now I can imagine the monstrous being while he edgies his way everywhere XD. But he’s pretty cool. The only thing I have to say is that the gunmetal mask is a bit out of place, compared to all the black, red, green and such, but it’s not that contrasting.

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The colors are a tad off, but not sure how.

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I feel as if this MOC needs a staff of some kind. And the hands look horrible to me.

But other then that It is a groovy MOC man.

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It needs more maroon in the legs, but other than that, it looks awesome!


I hate this moc 0/0 /s

I’m just kidding, I think it’s pretty cool.

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I was expecting this moc to look like garbage when I saw the name.
But it’s not horrible…
It’s actually pretty dang good! Colors look great, the cloak is actually pretty cool and he looks edgy af. Good job!


He needs more actual memes.

the funny thing is the MOC isn’t even bad, he’s actually pretty good