Bohrok nui

I recent got all six bohrok and finished modifying them all into a combiner

With originals

Some smaller combinatations

Some kind of bohrok dragon form

Centipede crawler

And a T. rex thing.

And the main bohrok nui. Any bohrok can form any piece of the combiner model


This is very good. At first I thought they were just small modifications on standard bohrok. When I saw the other pictures though, I was impressed.

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Holy cow! That looks freaking awesome!!!

Very nice! Though, the only decent looking combo is the nui, but that’s the main focus.

The heads… are really goofy on the combo… messy but good. 5.6/10

The centipede crawler and “dragon” are the only two that could be revised, but overall a really nice execution.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this but I must say that’s pretty wild. The escalation from pic to pic was a surprise. That last shot is funky and intimidating at the same time.

Now that’s just alot of fun.