Boku No Hero Academia (Spoiler-Free)

I fell in love with this show and I’m not exactly sure why we don’t have a topic for this gem yet. In all honesty, I do think some people give HeroAca more praise than it deserves, but it certainly is a show I can get behind. Something new and refreshing compared to the sour tragedy of things like SAO, Bleach or AoT.

Please, keep all manga spoilers and recent episodes in a dandy spoiler tag.

Also, Shouto is clearly the best girl. IDK how this is still even an argument, guys.


I’ve just gotten into this over the past month, and it’s become one of my current favorites. I’ve only been watching the anime and dubbed, so I’m a bit behind the rest, but it definitely has the potential to be one of the better shonen themes in a while.

And the best girl is clearly the slime villain from episode 1.


I see you are a man of culture as well.


Ugh, I need a good place to watch this. @Bobofoot has given me a good impression of it, but I don’t know how to actually get to it myself.

I’ve started watching this, and probably will continue

It’s on Crunchyroll. I think it’s on Funimation too for the dub.

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Okay, thanks! How many episodes are out?

I love this show to death, one of my top five favorite shows in existence.

Season 1 is Dubbed and Subbed, Season 2 is Subbed to episode 23 (Crunchyroll) and Dubbed to episode 21 (Funimation).

Call me a filthy casual, but I prefer the Dub for a number of reasons, though the Sub is pretty great too if you prefer that sort of thing.

Clearly, there is no compitition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the Dub because I like being able to watch what’s going on instead of having to read the subs.


Crap, I forgot about that.

I watch dub too. The only time I don’t is if it noticeably edits things. Though I watch One Piece in sub to stay caught up and dub once it comes out, since it’s so good both ways.

I’ve heard of a s**t-eating grin, but that’s some Titan level creepy grinning right there. Just think how quick the sludge guy could take over his body, with a mouth like that.

Probably why he keeps it covered with those hands of his. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love the dub. Usually, dubs suck but HeroAca has it covered good.

Strangely this show has been around for over a year and only recently have I actually started seeing it everywhere.

Also isn’t this where that annoying frog girl meme came from?

Darker things game from The Frog Girl than memes… Much darker.


Boy I hope the animators do that scene justice. Cause they made his entrance in season one not as scary looking.

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Yeah, if I’m not scared senseless, I will be sorely disappointed.

It’s a good show.

Me likey.

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So what Quirk would you guys have if you were in their universe?

For me, I’d probably have a power that I once had in a dream as a kid. Since Quirks usually appear at a young age, it seems fitting. I recently fleshed it out a bit for an OC I made.

Quirk: Pupation
Let’s me secrete silk and resinous fluid from my body to form a highly durable shell, with properties of both cocoons and chrysalides.

I’d have some variation of being made of nanobots as my quirk.

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