Brickonicle Contest: Glatorian Arena

Name: Glatorian Arena
Piece Count: 572
Price: $55

Avoid falling off the tilting platform!

Don’t fall in the spike pit!

Catapult across the arena!

Move the platforms and fire the stud guns!

Includes 6 figures: Metus, Barix, Skrall, Gresh, Ackar, and Mata Nui!


Real quick, even though I can figure out who they are, would you mind naming those characters just so we have them on record? Thanks, and thanks for entering!

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Not bad!

It’s definitely a quite unique model, and it does have its charm to it!
The figures look okay; my main problem is the agori (But I know how they can be hard to make with the limitations of LDD) as the proportions of kinda off (big body, small head syndrome) .
Now the actual arena itself, looks very different from cannon! Now, that’s not a bad thing; for example, you were able to incorporate many functions and play features into the build.
That said, though,I feel that the model doesn’t really evoke the feeling of ‘arena’ for me; it looks more like a wall/fortress/outpost being attacked by tentacles.

Overall, though, you did a fine job.The model is creative and the mini-figs are neat! I wish you good luck on the contest!

The “tentacles” you mentioned are supposed to be rock-spikes.
@Eljay, the characters have been named!

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Also, don’t forget, in order to enter you need to post this topic to the Contest topic, not the other way around.

Will do!

I feel this suffers similar problems to how i feel to a Marvel set from the other year;

It looks alright i suppose, but it seems like it’d be flimsy in person, especially the supporting pillars on the sides. Lots of functions but not sure that as many of them were needed and i feel the price could have been dropped by removing all the black rock spikes/tentacles that i dont think really belong in an arena-like setting. Though perhaps the arena is described differently in other media… I just feel removing the black lego pieces and leaving the rest still retains the function’s while dropping the price.


Get em straak!

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I thought about the pillars, but as they don’t have to support much weight, I think they’d be fine. The rocks were inspired by the formations shown on the Skrall, Stronius, and Atacus box-arts. I put them in to fill in the empty space.