Brickonicle entry- Attack on Ga- Koro

Set Name: Assault on Ga-Koro
Piece Count: 295
Price: $30
Minifigures: Gali, Nokama, Tarakava (x2)

The dangerous Rahi are attacking Ga-Koro! Help Gali battle the Tarakava, protect the Turaga, and find hidden treasure!

Push the lever up to destroy the Turaga’s hut!

Turn the secret dial to unlock the hidden treasure of the Toa shrine!
(I know the second arrow is pointing the wrong way, haha)

Includes Toa Gali, Turaga Nokama, and two Tarakava beasts


Nice, the features are good, the battle is canon (i think, cant exactly remember) and is overall really nice!


It looks nice, but I feel like the tarakava are too short, everything else looks good.


Not bad, but it could be better.

Gali is fine as a figure, but Nokama looks kind of fat (I know that this was based off of the set, but it’s still an issue, at least for me); the tarakava are also incredibly small compared to what they were like in the animations, but I could that this had to be done to keep the cost low.
The landscape isn’t too bad actually! The only thing that really bugs me is Nokama’s hut, but I get that it’s extremely hard to make round objects out of bricks.

Overall, not to bad! I wish you good luck in the contest, as well!

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Pretty good. Though the Tarakava is way too small.

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How has no one commented on that stellar system Kaukua? It looks awesome!

Also, Cyclops Tarakava XD.


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