Official TTV MOC Contest #2: Brickonicle

Here’s my entry.

I need a clarification of the illegal connections. Does a clip-to-clip connection count as illegal? Also, while looking through the presentation on the illegal connections, i found this

and then there’s this set 31045 released in 2016

As this type of connection is no more illegal, i was wondering if the clip-to-clip connection was not considered illegal too? Cause the pieces experience similar stressing.

I’d like to say that I’ve been seeing this a lot this week

Do not put the LEGO logo on any sort of box mock-up you do, if you have/plan to make some. Apparently it’s a… copyright thing. So I’ve removed it from my box images, and I suggest you do the same just to avoid any sort of legal trouble, if it ever ever evevrerevevr vevsrwe rever happens.



Woah, who told you that? That’s just stupid. It’s not like you really are going to release such sets using their logo. Following that line of thought, the Bionicle logo is a trademark too, and they can sue you for using that too. Or that you recreated their characters, who are their property as well.

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I saw it on a Brickset contest article comment section and the comment came from an official LEGO designer. I also saw someone else say it so I might just stay careful.

If TTV can assure me full protection I will readd it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone! Here’s the link to my contest entry! Hope I’m putting it in the right place!

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The clip-tile connection has been legalized since the redesign of the clip piece in 2015.
When it comes to a clip-clip connection, I’m not sure.


QUESTION: I know about the 3 set per person limit, but are we allowed to remove one of our previous submissions ensue of a new one? The extended time period has now given me the time to work on what I really wanted to work on in the beginning :slight_smile:


28 entries so far, nice job everyone! These have just increased my desire for System Bionicle, but even in the likely scenario that we never get that officially, I’m glad we have the community to provide.


Seconded, it was used in the helicarrier.


Here is my entry: [Brickonicle] Vakama's Forge

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Sorry, but once a creation is entered, it is entered.


you got someone who knows Fair Use law to look this over, and double check?

Looks like I will be waiting until the final week to make entry #3.

@Sammythekat I dunno but read the comments, find the one by BrickCommander Star Wars and Mixels contests - 1 day left! | Brickset!


Here, my first and probably only entry.


Here’s My entry.

Are we allowed to make modifications to the texts of our entries to fix errors? I know we aren’t allowed to update pictures or the model itself.

I’ll tell you what you aren’t allowed to do, and that’s double post. Double posting is against the rules, do not do that again.

And text for spelling errors is fine provided it isn’t on an image. Only if it’s in the post.


Here is my second entry

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Here’s my second entry, thanks!

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LEGO is actually very protective of their trademark and already asked us to remove their logo from our website and channel. While you’re right in that the chance of them taking legal action against you is basically next to none, it’s better not to risk it because it doesn’t really gain you anything.

I would assume their train of thought is that the LEGO logo denotes something as being official, and there might be people that see these renders and assume that they are some future set that will be released.

We will not be disqualifying anyone just based on their use of the LEGO logo. That interaction is between you and the LEGO Company. But we also will not factor the inclusion of the LEGO logo into our decision of how good the set is, so there’s really no reason to go out of your way to include it.

The jury is out on the Bionicle logo. I would assume the same thing applies, but LEGO doesn’t seem to be that concerned with it being used in the same context. I do think that that logo is important to the boxart, so…you can either use the official one or make your own.

(I have thought about creating a logo for our Gen III redesign, so if I ever posted that, using it for the purposes of this contest would be okay)