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Just saying I am preparing a pitch for Po koro being a cast system of unmoveble princples and laws that.

With a grudge agianst the water tribe for their chaotic nature

Water and stones never went well together.


Funny enough, I concepted that Stone and Water have direct trading connections and that Stones are all part of a socialist society similar to the Quarians. They rely on the Water region for food and the Water region relies on their architects and sculptures.

There could be a reason found for the Stone and Water fighting first in its history, like for say Lightning Empire completely pushing away the Stone people from their homes and the Stones are migrants that go to the closest place which is Water region (something like in the Bohrok saga) and lets say some are greateful while others start to be bitter about their current state and the misunderstandings escalate into a conflict.


I think The name of the Lighting Toa is Que and He will harness this power and shoot down anything that is his enemy (Rockishi, the Rahkshi of Earth) and He has a love interest in Lewa, Heroine of Wind.

I believe the lighting toa is supposed to be female in G3.

Have each of the rahkshi’s “mutated” elements been discussed in the podcast yet? I believe fire’s was magma, but not sure about the others.

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This may seem like a weird thing to bring up due to all the characters being biomechanical, but what level is technology at in this world? Mechs have been mentioned briefly, but to what extent? Do the matoran have guns? Do only the fire matoran have them? If they have mechs, are there also things like cars? Or is this more a steampunk type of thing, where you have mechs but they aren’t crazy advanced. Do they have electricity? Do they have working plumbing?!?
Again, may seem like a weird thing to bring up, but I feel like it should be addressed, especially if a civil war is going to happen.


I think that it’s probably Mata-Nui level tech with a few exceptions (lightning) and that the mechs are relics of an ancient time.

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No but it’s basically the same[quote=“Mr_Emoticon, post:341, topic:34404”]
I’m not being hard my drawings are bad. for example I was going to show my character but i decided not to. but ill show it here then. I hade some backstory but its not worthy mentioning

I actually really like that character,

I prefer the idea of Narmoto and Izotor being friends before they became toa, Izotor is banished by his people for becoming friends with a ta matoran, angry at this Izotor attempts to leave but is attacked by some poor ko matoran (Peasants who need the money) who know he is the king, Narmoto saves Izotor, Narmoto is unused to ice and he slips however Izotor helps him but then Izotor slips and his eye aches, some of his servants come to help him, Narmoto has to escape as Izotor’s servants hate him, Izotor is angry at narmoto, that night Izotor snuck outo of bed to find Narmoto, he found him by a frozen pond, he gave Izotor a new eye which helped him see in the dark on the way back he saw a polar bear then he had look at the polar bear, a cold dark freeze shoots over the island freezing every other animal except the polar bear and Izotor, the polar bear turns into a man being that turns the cold snow into a backround of bright light," the rahkshi froze time but you will become legendary Kopaka" it said

This seems overly complex, and I’m a little confused on your thoughts about izotor loosing his eye. He slipped while helping narmoto, and lost his eye? Is that what you’re saying? If it is sorry, but it doesn’t make much sense.


It is exactly what I’m saying

I think Izotor should have lost his eye to a mangian, or lost his eye because of a mangian. It would help develop his character a little. Personally I just think slipping while helping a mangian friend doesn’t make it narmato’s fault, which could take away possibilities for Izotor’s character development.

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Could be a mangaian…or could be the indirect result of a mangaian attacking and scattering the rhino lava rahi into the fire region. Kopaka being the prince was tasked to defend the walls of his kingdom from this accroaching threath but during the defend he lost his left eye.

I also agree, slipping and losing an eye seems like a dumb kid-ish way to loose an eye, more like what G2 would have done.

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I made it for one tiny weeny joke but I guess we could always cover it up by saying:
I Didn’t slip


What if they were to introduce the Mask of Fusion (which is approved in G1 by Greg Farshtey, although it is mentioned as powerless)? It could be used by a villain (possibly Makuta) to fuse multiple beings into a single entity. The following could be rules when using the mask:

  1. The wielder may fuse with no more than one being at a time (no simultaneous fusions) via direct physical contact whilst speaking the word “Fusion.” After the fusion, the wielder gains all of the power, knowledge, and skill of the other being. However, once these two beings are fused into one, the fusion counts as a single being. Therefore, another individual may be fused into the fusion.

  2. The wielder may only fuse two beings at a time. Both beings much be within the wielder’s range of sight whilst the wielder says, “Fusion.” The fused being possesses all power, knowledge, and skill of anyone fused into him/her. However, once these two beings are fused into one, the fusion counts as a single being. Therefore, another individual may be fused into the fusion.

  3. When two beings are fused together, the being with the most intense personality will assume full control, while the being with the less intense personality acts as a subconscious (Example: if Onua and Pohatu are fused together, and Pohatu possessed the more intense personality, Pohatu would assume full control while Onua’s wisdom and conservative nature would act as a subconscious). With each additional fusion, the fused being grows more mentally and psychologically instable.

  4. Any fusion may be undone if the mask is removed or the wielder says, “Fission.” All parties involved are reverted to their original states, although all memories and knowledge are able to carry over and overlap.

Not a bad idea, but fusion doesn’t really make as much sense in system bionicle. The only way I could see it being approved is if it explained the rahkshi. But the cast already came up with an idea, so I don’t know how well this idea would fit in. You have some really good ideas though.

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My post was originally for technic, but I have since remembered that G3 is system (my mistake).

My reasoning for the mask of fusion would be in the case of introducing the Kaita system sets during the Bohrok-Rahkshi period. I don’t know what will be done after that point, but that’s where I would insert it, for the Kaita.

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With regards to the different elemental types, you should have specific Kanohi powers built into certain elemental tribes. When someone of a certain tribe becomes a Toa, they gain inherent Kanohi abilities based on their tribe:

Fire: Mask of Charisma, Calix (fate)
Water: Kaukau (waterbreathing), Arthron (sonar)
Air: Miru (levitation), Kadin (flight)
Earth: Pakari (strength), Ruru (nightvision)
Sand: no idea (will change with suggestion)
Ice: no idea (will change with suggestion)
Lightning: Kakama (speed), Kualsi (quick travel/teleportation)

In the event that a Toa is wearing a Kanohi mask that is identical to one of these natural abilities, the mask is amplified to an advanced version (much like the Kanohi Nuva in G1)


The choices for Water, Air, and Earth make sense. The rest doesn’t really fit that well in my opinion.

If the skeletons were the baddies for all of ninjago would you enjoy ninjago?

If Jestro was the baddie for all of Nexo Nights would you still enjoy it?

If Joker was the only villain in batman would you still enjoy it?

“But they were seen from the beggining” You may say

Well yes however Makuta in your G3 appears imediatly, in MNoG, Makuta is only seen at the end but he’s disguised, in the body of a being that seems like the player

Garmadon (the immediate Makuta comparison) was the main, overarching villain for Ninjago for years, like Makuta.

He is the primary villain for Nexo Knights.

Many would say Joker is Batman’s primary antagonist, at least his most well known.

Finally, Makuta was the main villain for BIONICLE G1 for its entire run of 10 years. Three years isn’t that much of a stretch.


Makuta G1 was more mysterious, I feel if we are to have to have makuta, he should only appear in the last year, but be a voice, who fools matoran (And maybe a Turaga) to join him, when they arrive to him, he transforms them into hideous creations. One of Makuta’s previous Minions, helps the toa but they never expect he’s a spy for Makuta, in fact the Toa don’t know who makuta is!

I wouldn’t say years, he turned good in 2012/13, meaning he was around for 1/2 years then he turned good, maybe makuta could turn good, he could reveal he was the minion all along, the real villain was Ekimu! badun badun duuuuun, Ekimu could be evil all along, the elemental beasts are too strong and the island will explode, Onua sacrifices himself to destroy Ekimu, his last wish end the argument Tahu, end it now, since tahu and onua are good friends Tahu and Kopaka stop being enemies, the six toa walk off, but there is a surprise new being in control, Karzhani, he sees for the greater good in his mind, he is an old doctor who has discovered a cure for an infamous disease, amputation!