Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

Yeah, I was having trouble with the other four. Any suggestions?

Maybe sand could be shielding, and ice could be speed? Just an idea, I kind of like the idea of kopaka speeding across the ice on skates or something. A mask of sheilding could help pohatu in a sandstorm I suppose.

Honestly, I was thinking Kopaka would possess shielding, since he’s the Toa of Ice. A crystalline protection from damage for an individual who possesses a crystalline element.

Your suggestion for ice having speed makes sense, though.

Y’mean this?

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You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Wait, is that G2?

Yessiribob it is.

It was a decent line in my opinion okay?

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I’m conflicted. It’s a cool image, but it’s G2… Screw it, I’ll take what I can get.

I see your reasoning, but I believe kopaka has a sheild for a weapon in G3, correct? A mask of shielding seems a little useless to me, considering one of his weapons can do pretty much the same thing.

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I’m not really going by weapons as much as elemental themes. Although, I still don’t really know what fire, sand, ice, and lightning would be, which Toa_Azureus made clear.

That’s fair. I agree with you, but the masks should work for the characters using them as well. If the character using the mask of shielding uses a weapon that could do the same as the mask, then the mask is still useful to that element, but not the character.

Since my original comment regarding Kanohi powers and elements refers to Kanohi powers being inherent within certain elements, it could be that an Ice Toa’s inherent defensive abilities make them even more effective with a shield (perhaps channeling their element through the shield to amplify the effects).

In addition, that would give the Ice Toa an additional Kanohi power to obtain via Kanohi mask.

i have said it before and i say it again. I am personally against having Lighting being a seventh element, and for there to be a secret seventh tribe of Matorans plus a seventh toa. The reason being that there are only six elemental gods but there are no mention of a seventh elemental god which if that does not exist, then there can’t be any Seventh toa of Lightning. Also i don’t like that idea of having the seventh element and toa be a secret because then its like with the Toa of Light and the Green Ninja.

I however think that Voriki shoud not even be a real toa, but instead being a member of a species that looks identical to the toa but are other vise notting like them or the Matorans. Instead of manipulating the elements like how the matorans and the toa does it, Vokiri and her kind i think would use technology in order to use the elements. Basicly im thinking that Voriki would be able to manipulate Lightning thanks to her special staff and armor. This would make her elementaly weaker than the other Toa but she would correct that minor problem by being smarter and thus be able to outwit her foes.

I think it would make more sense to just have a seventh God, as I said before. The elemental Gods could be like Indian Gods, where there is a vast number of them, but here only 6/7 would be really known about. Having another species that looks identical to a toa and practically is one is way more complicated then having a secret tribe of matoran. I also like the idea of a hidden tribe of matoran, because it makes the island seem more mysterious. The mystery is an important part of bionicle.

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I imagine the encounter with the lost Matoran tribe would go something like this:


You, sir, have won this forum.

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He didn’t make that. He has a really bad tendency of posting other peoples artwork without credit.


It’s not that, it’s just that I get the reference.

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