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Hello TTV People,

I have an idea for the story for how Kopaka and Pohatu get there friendship. OK so the rahi (I forgot there name) are attacking the kingdom of Kopaka (I also forgot the name) and the rest of the Kopaka’s Soldiers are on a hill for the last stand. But out of nowhere the army (or whatever the civilization is) comes to help by making boulders and rolling them at the rahi which saves Kopaka’s kingdom and creates there friendship. Just an idea , if you use it please give credit (just once to make me feel good about myself) and sorry if there are typos.

Folcon (duh)

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I think that Kopaka should lose his eye in the battle and since the po matoran are such good carvers Pohatu crafts a new eye for Kopaka which grants him power to see through walls

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Carved it out of stone?

I was thinking Pohatu (Nilkuu) used metals as well

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Thats an interesting idea.

Because Onu Koro isn’t underground I thought some Po matoran could mine the rock formations

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I thought some of Onu Koro was underground. I’m probably wrong, but whatever. I still like that idea.

It used to be in G1 and G2 buuut It’s in the trees now

Really? Hmm I’ll have to find the right podcast to watch then.

No just scroll up

I believe part of Onu-Koro was supposed to be above-ground, and some underground. This is just how the element is now, not how the environment is. Again I could be wrong, so I’m going to stop here.


I think thats awesome! So maybe Kopaka loses his eye and right when the rahi are about to kill him Pohatu chucks a boulder at the rahi. So Kopaka gets a new eye from the Po-Matoran (Idk the name if you want to you can tell me) and it’s crafted with protosteel/protodermis making a scope eye and now they are best buddies. I don’t know if this is good or not but I think we are getting some where. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s good as well
@PeppyBricks[quote=“Jon, post:29, topic:34404”]
Says who? Last we were talking, the Village of Earth was on the surface.

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Would any one care if I tried to make some brick-onicle rahi.
Like is there some one else already doing that?
I have some already but I need to add color. And some one else might need to refine them.


I’d love to see them. I believe there was someone who made them on ldd, but I’d love to see yours as well.

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You can make whatever rahi you want. There is no one specificly on building stuff. It is all community stuff so you can build whatever you want. I would like to see what you have. :slight_smile:

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vehicles- Lewa’s jungle racer and Maku’s Boat

Left to right, Blue Makuta, The first Toa(Statue) The First Toa (Actual, exclusive to Expanded guide?)

The rahkshi,mostly inspired by oomatu, I wanted them all to have staffs, also red matoran makuta, Bluey Makuta is from Oomatu, Red is because G1! And also because of the hate Oomatu got for Blue Makuta

The toa, I am pleased with them all except Kopaka’s Mask, wish I chose Nindroid helmet Rahi, A Gorrilla-Onu Koro, A T-Rex-Ta Koro(The beast Narmoto failed to stop) A polar bear-Ko Koro, A Poison Dart Frog(Le Koro)
The Great? Beings-Voriki, Takanuva, Karzhani, Ekimu, Makuta, Mata Nui(Exclusive), Blue Makuta(I guess you could call it Bluematu Booing Sounds,)


That would be me, @PeppyBricks.

And go for it, @Mr_Emoticon. I’d love to see your versions.

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