Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

AMAZING! That's so cool I love it keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

if it has krekka and nidiki I like it

Left to right Random Ice Matoran, Tamaru, Dead Toa, Hafu

Left to Right, Hafu, Whenua, Onepu
Fighting Rahi and protecting Toa since MNOG, Left to right, Kopeke Tamaru, Hafu, Taipu, Maku and Kapura
Left to right, a little gift for @Mr_Emoticon, Boom Yang, a matoran of ligtning, Jaller

Wait What! Look, he practiced! well done Kappy Ura,I felt adding ust boom yang wa unfair, so I added my own self creation Tatapai!, he even comes with baby spartarix,
next is a boring Ko Matoran, Kapura must've taught the practicing trick to Kopeke!Left to right,Child Spartarix and four ga matoran Oh look it's Macku and HahliAnd it's Jaller and A mother, another Hafu original, child spartarix and two ga matoran
NOTE there is a baby for the ga matoran


wow thanks I don't know what to say.

They don't exactly have the right armour on lego digtal desiner but i'm quite pleased with him

NICE JOB! Keep it up!

@Pohatuisawesome I do wish "they" hade the armor I put in the pictures in the program. but I love the helmet you used if I hade one of them I would custom paint it to look like it has tribal markings. Or 3d print my own model. but other than that your idea gets the point across very well and again thanks. I only wish the cast would consider might using it in the future.

ok here are my rahi rough sketch ROUGH being the key word here. I will make single "art work" if you can call it that for each of them separately. unless someone would take the task because I'm preparing for exams right now. (THIS WAS A DOODLE IN CLASS AND DOSE NOT REFLECT ALL MY WORK)

if you are wondering why the file is called "braydon" i got it copyed at the library and the librarian got my name rong when she e-mailed it to me. lol

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The little shroom with the axe made me laugh. These looks pretty good.

another little gift for ya, the bird was so hard to make!


I get where you're coming from, but I would make the case that Makuta was pretty out of the picture from 2006 through the end of 2008, especially if you weren't following all the intricate side plotlines like 99.99% of the fans.

I'm quite a fan of sand inherently posessing shielding, but I would suggest to @Bokarda that we replace the powers currently linked with water with speed. It wouldn't be too overpowering, and it would complement the work ethic and efficient leanings of the water tribe pretty well. And as far as beneficial aspects of this power are concerned, I'll let this photo do the talking:

Personally, I'd give Ice something like clairvoyance or telepathy, due to the whole "crystal clear" aspect of the element.

I could see speed replacing sonar, but not waterbreathing. It makes too much sense for Water Matoran to be linked to the water in such a way that their physiology thrives in it, hence the waterbreathing.

The main idea of attributing certain powers to certain elements is so that they make sense, so giving Ice clairvoyance and/or telepathy does not make sense. Psionics, if it was an element in G3, would definitely get both of those, but I would attribute Ice's crystalline structure with a power to amplify resiliency within a person of that element.

wow again don't know what to say thank you. there is a fue parts that aren't in the right spot but that is my fault because the doodle was rough.

and if it wasn't clear the thing with the pic axe is a saddle for the beetle if you take out the two by one brick and put that part there but it would fit better if it was flat parts.

i almost flipped my desk when i jumped up in surprise. again thanks.

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I made a rahi moc if you would like to see it i call it a ice swan


Funny as it is, I was thinking the exact opposite. Water-breathing is not a power that logically fits for the Matoran of Water.

I'm sure that you didn't intend to sound like a jerk when you said this, but just so you know, you kinda did. It's a matter of opinion. Feel free to ignore it, but it was just a suggestion.

Regarding Waterbreathing for Water Matoran: Since their element is Water (and the fact that their society and livelihoods might depend on their element), it makes the most logical sense if they naturally breathed water, much in the same way as the Matoran of Mahri Nui.

Regarding Opinion: I'm completely fine if we don't agree on certain things, but I still enjoy constructive arguments for the sake of G3. As long as it's civil, we can contest each other's points as critically as possible.

Regarding Attitude: I apologize if my later comments sounded jerk-ish, I was just defending my position on why I think certain powers make sense for certain elements.

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I can definitely get behind that; however, my understanding of your pitch included the idea that the Matoran lack this ability until they become Toa. That being the case, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to give them water breathing as a default, since the Matoran would be relatively skilled with swimming without coming up for air to begin with.

Don't worry about it, man. I hope that you don't mind that I pointed out how I felt, but it wasn't a huge deal. Thanks for moving forward with me.


Can Boom-Yan be added to the list? He is my favorite brickonicle fan character to date, and I will go start a petition, how many signatures will I need to make him canon?

Yeah....I doubt that is ever gonna happen. They aren't really accepting Original Characters.

that's not going to happen no matter what.. even i know that.
but thanks i didn't think anyone liked it that much.

i do wish he would be considered even as maybe a later character.
or at the minimum pick him apart for the ideas involved.

if people don't know what i'm talking about is this

Does anybody have the original picture for this without the TTV Podcast stuff on it? I really like this artwork, I haven't been paying much attention to Brickonicle so I wouldn't know where it came from.