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I'm not sure if they already discussed that, but does Protodermis exist in G3? And are there still mask-makers and the different types of Kanoha(Normal, Noble and Great)?

Speaking of moving forward, what Kanohi powers do you think would apply to Fire? Because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out a single one.

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Maybe something like the Mask of charisma, since the Toa of fire seems to be a champion/leader of sorts to the fire village?

Here are a few pitches I have for the story (if there's a better place to pitch things, please correct me).

1. Toa Names
Personally I'm not a fan of the fact that the Toa have both Matoran names and Toa names. Is it truly necessary to introduce ambiguity by going from calling your main character Narmoto to then calling them Tahu?
I think it would make sense to just have the Toa called Tahu, Gali, etc. before becoming Toa. That way, you avoid the plot hole of "Why wouldn't they just keep answering to their Matoran names?"

2. Changes to Earth
I like the changes the Earth element has taken, but recently it seems like the jungle theme has become the sole focus and Tiko might no longer be mostly underground.
Personally I always saw Earth in G3 as a command over 'Mother Nature', which also includes some of G1's traditional powers like creating earthquakes. Powers over nature are completely justified in staying, however, and I see no reason why they can't be the focus. However I'm a very big fan of Oomatu's 'underground grove' kind of theme to the Earth region - it gives the impression that the Onu-Matoran are more in touch with the heart of the island and hence wiser. Too much focus on a jungle theme would be quite a departure from G1's iconic underground theme in my opinion.
As a consequence of this change, Onu-Matoran could remain both wise and keep their mining traditions given their connection with the earth itself.

3. Other Elements
To prevent restriction of the lore to seven elements, a concept for (much) later years could be introduced or hinted at that there are more than six (or seven) elemental spirits for other elements. Perhaps the spirits belong to some sort of race but only the main six are known to influence Matoran culture on the island.

4. Turaga
Instead of reserving the title for select leader figures in Matoran culture, what about classifying them as former Toa?
Most of them could be hermit-like characters that study the elements and are a source of knowledge on how the Toa can hone their powers (if the new Toa can find them).

5. Matoran Choosing Elements
It seems G3 is following the trend of Matoran being born into a particular element, but what about giving them some choice?
Matoran could be born into a particular village and element, and hence have a natural attunement to the elemental god of that region, such that it is easier for them to learn how to use limited elemental powers for that region. However if they choose, they can travel to another region and learn to adapt and weakly control another element, which would put less restriction on canon and be an opportunity for some interesting character backstories.
I think it would be best if a Matoran can only be attuned to one element at a time, and the process of changing is long, difficult and somewhat unconventional. However if they left their region with only a basic control over their element, their connection to the region's elemental god would fade and they would lose some of their powers.
Edit: This could impose changes on the Lighting tribe's origins, which I build upon in my next post (#426).

Actually, and idea I thought of was that there exist no seventh elemental god or spirit and that the element of Lightning was a creation of the Matorans.
Which would be a good reason for why Makuta would be rather angry at this new tribe, not because Ekimu or karzahni created a new tribe and broke an agreement, but because the Matorans were creating a new element all on their own.
The element of Lightning would be a good reason to justify Makuta's dislike of the Matorans sentience because he believes that the Matorans will destroy themselves or rise and over throw the three brothers with their new elements.
There is also the possibility that they could even end up rejecting the three brothers and no longer look at them as all-powerful deities.

Also, im working on some background info for the Rahkshi. Plus some other things.

The Matoran 'creating' an element is interesting, though using my proposal, it could just be that the element of Lightning was discovered and harnessed by nomadic Matoran from other villages, but was frowned upon because of its destructive capability and its association with the seventh elemental God, who is either mischievous or is in league with Makuta.

You could also introduce the idea that the sub-element of Shadow is what gives the Rahkshi their powers, and that Makuta is the 'pseudo-elemental God' of that element. Given Makuta's weakness and the fact he is not a true spirit, he cannot create Toa but creates 'perverted Toa', i.e. Rahkshi.

It's a title that's become their identity. Narmoto is "Tahu" the same way Donald Blake is Thor.

We were never able to find another element that we were happy with, or that had enough visual punch in order to warrant another element. Frankly, the wide range of new elements in the later years of Bionicle was something most of us didn't really like, and we would rather that not be repeated.

As of this point, there have not been any Toa for hundreds of years, long enough for them to become a myth. Any former Toa are dead.

This one could be addressed. I'm not opposed to the idea.

It has not been discussed. I'm pretty sure we're not going with the different types of Kanohi, though.



may sound stupid but literally fire walking like being able to stand in or around lava and not well i may sound morbid but "melt"

or if you going with the idea that they develop natural powers like how some frogs in real life can breath under water. i think it might be something like avatar and this will apply to all tribes where they can "bend" the element of that tribe a little like fire matoran can make a small fire ball in there hand when there in the dark like a cave. or ice matoran can make ice spikes in there hands and feet so they don't slip on ice or can climb the cliffs.

i like the idea of having natural powers(like water breathing, fire walking, resistance to cold, i'm working on ideas for the other tribes) and gifted powers.

I don't think it would work if there was a seventh elemental god and if he was working with Makuta or was evil.

an idea i have is that when the matorans made the seventh element of Lightning, the other elemental tribes grew interested in getting that power for themself, seeing it as a possible weapon for war. This would spark the first civil war between the Matorans which ultimatly ended with the Lightning Matorans using an EMP to shut down all of the technology on the island, including their own. After doing this they then desited to lock up the secrets on the lightning element, and thus leaving the now forgotten ruins of the lightning tribes. Many years later the other tribes however still tells stories on how the lightning tribe "cursed the island".

its because of these events that Makuta would have a good reason to dislike Sentience, because he belive that the sentience Ekimu granted the Matorans will only cause more wars and eventually devestating destruction on the island.

regarding my Rahkshi background info, these are the ideas i have for the motivations for each of the Rahkshi:
Lerahk: Wishes for Vizuna to return his affection for her.
Guurak: Wants to regain his title as the greatest swimmer on the island.
Panrahk: To pay his dept to the Brotherhood for saving his son's life.
Kurahk: Revenge on Izotor for costing him his rank in the royal guard and for his exile from the Kingdom.
Vorahk: Desiers the vast knowledge and wisdom from the Earth temples, which his impatient cost him.
Turahk: Revenge on the leaders of the Fire region for his banishment.

there are some more info going for these motivations, these are just short versions of them.


when are "they" (the ttv cast) going to properly talk about rahi?
if at all.

i understand they have lists to get through. and might not care or want to talk about rahi.
and yes i know rahi are not a huge plot point in the story.

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is the water village underwater like the gungan city in starwars or is it just on the shore?


I would refer to Oomatus Artwork by now.

The city of sails.

ok i know i have posted a lot in the last bit on this thread but can i get you guys honest opinion on this brickonicle picture (in my little spin off idea maybe I right my own little story) (p.s his color is not purple its like a dark pink)


I have more things posted in the comments in this post

old pictures before i properly added color

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Was there any talk on ages? Originality the toa were all different ages in G1 (early in development I believe). Since in G3 all toa were matoran originally, I don't think they would all be the same age.

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I hope there's ages. If there is, Onua HAS to be the oldest. Like, really old.

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He can't be too old though.

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I recall hearing/reading someone (pretty sure it was Jon) say Lewa is the youngest.


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see the problem with the color thing I have is that lego is mostly geared for kids and kids find color fun.if most of the character are in grey scale kids will find them boring that's the problem from the start of the idea.

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Ga - Culture

When it comes to Ga- culture I would make it so that there is one main city (Ga-Metru) thats also the religious capital , being the seat of the Justicar like order, as well as the Temple of each of the Elemental Deities. Ga-Metru would have buildings that are soild, biggest example would be the inspiration taken from Zoras Domain from Zelda.

Have it so that the Main City is above water like this, having a main entrance to the sea as well as being enclaved between the cliffsides.

I imagine Ga-Metru being like this during night time, sorta like if you took Glowing Algae and encorporate the glow aspect into the buildings.

Instead of a King because they are Matriarchal, their main leader is a Queen, which has an advisor from the Justicar order.

The rest of the settlements are prefabricated or interconnected fishing boats made also into houses.

also sorta like Pony Island from Pokemon they have a walkway that connects the land to the sea and the boat houses to each one.

Main weapon of the Ga-Soilders /guard is a Trident.

  • Funny points: With the examples TTV crew made, Ga- culture would be close to Zora, but Le-Culture would be close to the Rito, Ta-Culture to the Gorons, and Po-Culture to the Gerudo. Maybe the Onu and Ko cultures can be different mixtures of the Hylean one.

Le - Culture
Le- people would bring you mail like the Rito. Thats also their main export, its postal service and air transportation.

Their Guard would use Bows and Arrows as their primary weapon

Le Cities would be like the Rito village.

Being situated in the mountains, buildings constructed like bird cages

Po - Culture

As stated they would be sorta like the Gerudo, the market people,

I would also add in like how the Gerudo also mine gems (precious stones), the Po people can also do that. Have them also be the ones that use gold a lot due to the sheer wealth they have (also gems and other stones) in their design.

At least have their leader be the one with gold on him / her.

Would also add in that the Po people would be skilled architects, sculptures, being able to craft beautifully designed stone buildings, metal accessories, and general sculptures.


Their cities would be around massive lava flows, and generally very got for everyone.

Like the Gorons, they would be master craftsmen when it comes to weapons, shields , and armor. Also sumo wrestling would be a cultural thing for them.

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With this talk of Onua being the oldest and Lewa being the youngest, what if they developed a sort of father/daughter relationship? It makes sense considering how they had a pretty strong friendship back in G1.