Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

That would be an interesting dynamic. If you were to use the father/child relationship and apply it to G1, it fits perfectly.

I could totally see a family dynamic in the team as the following:
Onua and Gali: parental figures
Pohatu: crazy uncle
Tahu and Kopaka: sibling rivalry
Lewa: baby in the family


I’d say Gali’s more like the sibling that rolls her eyes at Tahu and Kopaka’s bickering, at least with the characterization she seems to be getting in G3.

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I see her more as the strict, diligent, and analytical tiger-mom while Onua is the relaxed, wise, good-natured dad who goes ungodly berserk if his children are hurt.


I haven’t caught up with all this, but it’s inspired me to work on a certain character. Here’s the progress, please know I’m not the best when it comes to this kind of art. And yes, it’s related to Bionicle Gen3, as an idea of a different take on Mata Nui and Makuta.

You might find a reference to the original Bionicle

Looks ■■■■■■■■■■ is it?

On another note: I find Estelle would be a nice voice actor choice for Gali.

Estelle being the voice of Garnet from Steven Universe.




As in the original pitch, Onua is the oldest and Lewa is the youngest.

Maybe a bit more like a younger sister/older brother, but the older brother is married and has kids, so it’s a little removed while still being personable.


The Mythos of The Balance

Ideal Origin. Life and death, light and shadow, creation and chaos, do you ever wonder what decides the fate of everything? Legend speaks of two lost beings who awakened from nothing, with no understanding or purpose to their creation. There was only emptiness, and nothing, no noise, no life, nobody but the brothers. With a fear of drifting in eternity, the brothers decided upon themselves to focus, believing that they were meant for something after all. With nothing to loose, and only to gain, the brothers focused on a strange energy they could feel within each other, until a large sound, and a bright light blinded the two. Shortly after, they were able to see again, and to their awe, saw a creation. The brothers were puzzled and confused, but not scared at what they created. This was the day the first sun was born, and time finally existed. The brothers decided to continue their efforts, creating stars, planets, life, and even death. In an attempt to act as one, the brothers focused their energy on a body containing the mind and energy of both brothers, a machine that would become, the balance. The light would provide heat, energy, building, and life itself. The dark would provide cold, shade, chaos, and with his wisdom, decide the end of anything he and his brother created. And since then, they continue building upon, and continue with their idea that there can be no end without a beginning. But that is just a campfire story.

I would love it if TTV could use this idea for something, I worked and planned on this for some time, and I hope they enjoy the idea. Let me know what you think of it. The photo is just the idea of what it would some what look like.

The original idea was that throughout Bionicle, darkness was always placed for the villains, but I thought that darkness doesn’t HAVE to be considered ‘bad.’ I came up with this idea as an example that there is a balance, there is a reason for everything, and there’s an equal and opposite. Anyone can use the idea for their own stories if they want.

P.S. Let me know if you catch the G1 Bionicle reference in the art.

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the personalities i think the toa would have:

Doesn’t understand most emotion because his village is battle focused and doesn’t have room for emotion he is always training whether it be attacking a rock or chopping at a tree.
(Fighting style is like medieval knights)

  • (basic but mad/demanding sounding voice)

Uses “big” words and vary slow talking. Creepy pops up out of the blue scaring the other toa other than Tahu. Always has a book on him the others wondering where he is getting them from.
(His fighting style is like roman or Spartan)

  • (low creepy chilling voice)

Doesn’t need men to save her. Very self-strong and does not like others talking about her village. She thinks that the water tribe should be the one to rule the island so she deals justice at her own discretion.
(Fighting style is like African tribal)

  • (regal English voice)

Fast quick to battle. And hipper.
Wants to always run, jump and fly. always on her feet…or in a tree. Always wants to be happy and refuses to be sad. And thinks the other toa are too slow.
Picking up things and accidently braking it.
(Fighting style is like Viking. keeping low and jumping at the enemy tackling them to the ground)

  • (Scottish voice)

Onua -
vary soft to small animals likes little things like flowers and bugs doesn’t talk too much but since he lives very long he likes the small things (example he points out that a tree is equal to the island it has its own problems and things going on and in it). He is very unwilling to fight but when his “friends” are hurt or are threatened he gets in to a “hulk” mode
(Fighting style is like monk bow staff fighting but with a hammer)

  • (deep rumbling voice)

Brash demands to be listen to. He picks up everything because his land doesn’t have all this stuff he thinks are worth lots but it’s just really trash. But he thinks the other toa are telling him that so they can take it for themselves.
Basically a hoarder and a little bit paranoid he is used to vary open flat areas of the desert so he has a little claustrophobia.
(Fighting style is like a cowboy. using his mace like quick drawing of a gun throwing it at his opponent)

  • (gravely cowboy-ish voice)

Talks quick very fast in sort form and talks to himself a lot. Making plans and thinking.
(Fighting style is like a fencer quick fast sword thrusts. then running backwards

  • (sharp quick voice)


I’d like to maybe propose a a slight change to Kopaka’s backstory. Instead of Maotoro being the Previous king before Izotor, I think Nuju should be this king. Matoro could be Izotor’s younger brother. When Kopaka eventually decides to give up his throne to work with the Toa, Motoro would be the next in line.

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AND THEN we kill him off.


I think that, if we’re gonna be keeping Matoro alive, it’d be more interesting to take his character in a direction more similar to The Kingdom. He has a chance to sacrifice himself for the greater good, screws up, and is wracked with guilt.


Could be fun with a Reverse senario…

Matoro being older than most being able to speak to the dead (hint of his Marhi mask)
Being a really mystical type…

And instead of him being killled he is always surviving.


Matoro could also be a sort of librarian maybe, always studying the histories of the island and possibly being the smartest/wisest on the island, though he stinks at fighting.

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I’d say no.

Is it the silhouette of Mata Nui?

If anyone remember the idea i told about many post ago about the island getting corrupted because of the mask of time fragments being tainted by the evil in the rahkshi. Well then i hope you all will like these drawings that i commissioned @Oomatu to draw:

The idea is that because of the corruption in the fragments, the frozen island gets slowly twisted and filled with more danger which would be a serious thread to the frozen matorans. This would also make it more challenging for both the Toa and the Rahkshi to get the fragments, plus this would also make it so that the Toa had to work faster in collecting the fragments in order to reverse the effect the corruption has on the island.


@Oomatu why do you have to be so good?!?

And good idea @DarkHenrik.

EDIT: Is there a final decision on matoran leg length?

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Sparta was Greek, not Roman. Also, why the heck is Gali a vigilante?

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