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She's not, she is the law.

Seriously, vigilantism doesn't work with water as an element.

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She's not a vigilante. She's official law enforcement.

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You never mentioned it. "so she deals justice at her own discretion" sounds like taking the law into your own hands kind of thing to me.

It was talked about in the last podcast.

Water using law enforcements

oh well.

sounds fishy

On the chest? Yeah, there's that. There's another reference in there though. Here's a hint, it's on the dark brother.

Water they thinking with this one?

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oops meant to put an or between them " roman OR spartan"

I can see the Red Star on the dark side's right arm.


its not really not vigilantism its like a sentinel or a protector.

I just rewatched the three brothers episode, and noticed you guys occasionally mix up Gods and Great Beings as you jump back and forth between topics (usually Ekimu and Makuta being called Gods). Although I like the two terms, I have a suggestion to help keep them separate.

Ekimu and Makuta refer to themselves as Great Beings. But the Matoran, who only know them in myths and legends of old, usually just refer to them as Titans.

Ekimu - Titan of Life
Makuta - Titan of Order
Karzahni - Titan of Change (unknown to the Matoran until his revival)

The Titans create the Elemental Gods... similar to how the Olympian Gods were born from Titans in Greek Mythology. Also, it could be a nod to G1 Makuta being called a titan set.

The Elemental Gods could be referred to as just the Gods for short, and could have titles like God of the Tundra, God of the desert, etc. This would connect to the Toa's alternate titles (Toa of the Tundra, etc.)


The titans were thrown down by their children...
Good work sir, good work.

On a completely different note:
Why is Ketar the God of Stone if there is no element of stone? Was the tribe the tribe of stone before the gods' rebellion, and their power was "shattered into sand" so to speak, but Ketar wasn't affected due to his immortality?

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Stone is the element. Originally they thought to make it sand, due to the similarity with Earth. However, they've since returned it to stone. They just never updated this summary post to reflect that.

But I would say none of them are called God of Element. Instead, I'd say they are just God of the Region (Volcano, Tundra, Ocean, Forest, Sky, and Desert). The toa would be Toa of Element, with the alternate name Toa of the Region that stems from the Gods.

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We could get creative with the names for God/Titan as well. For example, Atua, which is God in Maori. I just think that sounds cooler and more unique then God or titan.

Was this term ever used in G1? One of the things they mentioned is if they use Maori words, then it would be already existing ones. That way they know for sure that they have rights to use the word without the controversy.

I was trying to do this exact thing when I came up with the idea, because I agree that having a term for it would sound better. But making up a word, or using a Maori word Lego hasn't used, probably isn't the best way to go. However, since the Gods are deities for the matoran, I think it's fine to just call them Gods.

As for Titan, I think that one works well for the Great Beings, due to the multiple references it makes.

That's right..... I forgot about the whole Maori dispute thing..... I still think we could make up terms for the Gods and titans though.

Well Titan is supposed to be the term for Great Being. Having a term for a term just seems redundant, and would make it so there'd be no point to even have Titan. But as I said, Titan is very fitting for the role the brothers play.

If someone comes up with a term for the Elemental Gods, that's fine.

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I'm not saying we need to have a term, but it would be nice to, as it would differentiate G3 from other franchises. What sounds more unique and interesting, matoran or villager? Sure matoran are technically a species, but they are more or less villagers. The same way G3 titans /Gods could be something new to differentiate them, while being more or less a new kind of God.

I agree for the Elemental Gods, since that is their only name right now. The new word would be like how the 12 Greek Gods are called the Olympians. I just couldn't think of a good one myself.

But if you make a more unique word to call the Great Beings, it defeats the purpose of even having the word "titan" in the first place. That would be 3 different names for the same character.

Unless you are thinking of scrapping "Great Beings" for a new title. That new title would be their official name, with "Titans" being the common, informal name that the Matoran use for them. That change could work, as it would have a new way of calling the 'great beings' role.