Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

This is the current official list of things considered canon to Bionicle G3 (aka Brickonicle). This list is subject to change based on discussions had in the upcoming episodes of the TTV Podcast, but going forward, all current topics must be up to date with current canon.

Topics that have inherent contradictions with official canon will be either closed, marked as non-canon, or moved into another category upon request. This is on a case by case basis based on the merit we think the topic contributes to the project.


  • The Matoran all have a small manifestation of their elemental power activate within them whenever they come of age. The only exceptions are our current Toa, the main characters, who do not have one manifested.
  • There are seven current elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Sand, Ice and Lightning.
  • Earth as an element has been reworked to be a combination of soil and plantlife.
  • The Matoran and Toa’s elements are manifestations of their regions and cities. In each city, there’s a temple, and in this temple dwells the Nuva Stones.
  • The Elemental Gods preside over the elements and are the ones who bestow the Toa with their powers.


  • The Brotherhood of Makuta are a cult dedicated to reviving Makuta.
  • The Rahkshi are members of the Brotherhood that have been fused with Rahi.
  • The Toa Spirits were given powers by the Elemental Gods, and bestow their power in times of need. Similar to the powers of Marvel’s Thor. The Matoran assume the title and powers of the Toa.
  • Lewa is female.
  • There are six Elemental Gods: Ikir, the God of Fire; Akida, the God of Water; Ketar, the God of Stone; Melum, the God of Ice; Terak, the God of Earth and Uxar, the God of Wind.


  • Long ago, the Great Beings created the world. Ekimu gave his creations sentience at the behest of his brother, Makuta.
  • They created the Elemental Gods to preside over the elements and their tribes, but they rebelled against the Great Beings and usurped their throne, instead letting those that they protected live in peace.
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta steal and break the Mask of Time, creating a ripple effect through the Nuva Symbols

Finally some uniformity, and finally some lightning. Believe you me I will do everything I can to help further this project along.

Having never thought of it in this way, I can say that this might justify weird choices like keeping Stone and merging Plantlife and Earth. If elements embody regions and not aspects of nature, that would explain why certain powersets may have all these weird details. Makes me wonder how Light is gonna work, though.


I like this. It was an idea I had for my own hypothetical ‘G3’.

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So, I haven’t been paying attention to Brickonicle (mostly because I’m still on the fence about a constraction-less Bionicle), but I want to know if this is everything. If so, I’d say these are very interesting ideas that I would gladly accept as canon for G3. I like how Earth is differentiated enough from Stone and feels more mythical in a way by merging with Plantlife.
I really like the idea of fanatics merging with Rahi, it’s such a fantasy thing and I love it.
I think Lightning is a wonderful choice since, like the other elements, is a natural but powerful occurrence in nature and can be represented by mythical beings or superhuman warriors. It’s a really cool element to add into the main group.
So, I just got the whole “manifestation of one’s region”, but just in case: Does that mean the inhabitants gain their elemental power and/or identity because of the region instead of the natural element?
Anyways, I kind of want to be more involved in this project.


Oh cool, this doesn’t contradict any of my pitch. I just need to figure out exactly where lightning and the Brotherhood fit in…

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so when will the discussion or a contest for how the Island is going to look start?

Edit: Oh and what i meant is that how the island would be shaped, and how large the regions would be. im not sure what have been desited yet, but i think that the island design of Mata Nui and Okoto will possibly not be used for G3.


Sweet. I like the new regions pitch. My partial issue is that if they leave their region do they lose part of their abilities? What about their region contributes to their abilities/powers? I am also wondering what is wrong with having someone with an underground/caves region? I liked that feature of Onua and the Earth Matoran.

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Now this is something to looks forward to.

I still don’t see why this makes more sense than combining earth and stone and making plantlife it’s own element.
I mean, aside from the powers being nothing alike, effectively turning onua into a toa of jungle that can move dirt, it also makes no sense visually, onua’s the black toa(or dark grey, I’m not splitting hairs), even if you made his secondary green, what kid would see him(on his own) and think he can control plants?

sigh at least ice didn’t get axed off.


Voriki G3 confirmed!!!


I’m pretty on board with a lot of the stuff listed, particularly the concept of the brotherhood being cultists.

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Zero’s rating scale
First bullet: don’t have powers manifested as to a or matoran? If as toa; -2. If as matoran; +1
Second bullet: interesting direction choice. +1
Third bullet: very good concept. +1
Fourth bullet: bad idea. I have highlighted why in numerous posts. Needless to say this feels like a bunch of good ideas badly cobbled together. -1
Fifth bullet: this is a given. +1
Sixth bullet: fan service at best. +1

5/6 or 3/6 depending on the first bullets conditions

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Think of “Earth” as being the element of “Nature” in a sense. The term “Earth” is being redefined in the context of BIONICLE, but being properly defined in terms of the English language:

: to draw soil about (plants) —often used with up
: the material in which plants grow

The two powers are very much related in this context, and will be referred to as such in the future.

This was a discussion we’ve had and will be having on the podcast. I’d love to see art from people too as to what they think it could look like.


I feel the question of Onua’s powerset hinges on the question of whether he actually controls plants in the same way Lewa controls air, or if he merely communes with them and only tells them what to do. Because those are two very different things, and the latter leaves room for a dedicated element for plants.


We will distinctly figure out the limits of each Toa’s element in the future, but we will not be adding an additional Plantlife element.

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So plants and dirt? are you dropping quakes? Because it doesn’t really relate to the new power set you’re suggesting, he’s onua: toa of topsoil and trees.

The context of earth being surface dirt? So does stone control the underground now? Or just big surface rocks?
And given this definition his colors make even less sense, soil is brown, plants are generally brown and/or green. Wouldn’t it make more sense visually for pohatu and onua to be swapped?

It makes sense to me, both because of their personalities and color schemes, to combine earth and stone for onua and give pohatu plants and animals(there’s more nuance to it than that but this is getting long-winded).


To elaborate on this, @Jon, because the elements are derived from the regions of the world and not material and phenomena that exist in nature, you don’t NEED to differentiate Onua and Pohatu’s powersets in this way. Onua gets things like earthquakes and lil’ mountains, and perhaps crystals. Pohatu gets sand and boulders. Those are different enough in terms of practicality.

Plants aren’t necessary to distinguish Onua’s element at this point. Combining Earth and Plantlife is only as valid as combining Air and plantlife, which is what JtO apparently did. Plantlife belongs as its own element if it’s going to be added at all, not a subset of a totally different element. Also, bear in mind that Onua’s region is located in underground caves, which aren’t really known for their foliage. Perhaps if he was on the surface, it’d make more sense; but he’s not. He’s down below, where plants don’t grow a whole lot.

If you wanna add another G1 element to Onua’s powerset, add Iron. Metallic ore can be found in the ground, so that gives Onua an excuse to control metal. He doesn’t get to control the metal in a Matoran’s body because it’s not from the ground in any capacity.

Does the brotherhood of Makuta cult have to be it’s own separate tribe or could it be a collection of Matoran from across the villages secretly dedicated to the revival of Makuta who refer to themselves as the Brotherhood of Makuta?

This is what I was thinking of.

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