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I am just surprised that there is no general thread for random question in here. Not sure if it is intended or simply because the questions have been asked on other related threads. I am just making this because I have several question that can be answered in one or two lines, not really worth an entire thread. I will use this for clarification purposes of small thing too. As I think I am like @prpldragon, I need the things written down otherwise it gets confusing and I forget about them.

Also, If you decide one question is too dumb to be asked, I will assume the answer is “Follow reality” So if I asked something like “Do matoran need to eat?” you can just leave it blank and I will assume they work the same way humans do. Ie. They eat, poop and so on.

So, we all know, that several of the questions were answered in the podcast 14 of Brainstorm. I am editing this to help differentiate what has been answered and what is still missing. Also, doing this just no because I am back from a trip. I am going to try to keep up with the question posted by other users. Have no idea what a TL:DR is or how to make one.

Unanswered questions:

  • This question has been asked already, but people either keep forgetting the answer or do not find the answer satisfactory. How come the Rakshi do not freeze? We know the freezing was a mistake, we just want to know why did it not affect the Rakshi. For example, explosions are not intended, the people who caused the accidental explosion still get caught up on it. Let me just place Toa Wafflemeister’s question: I really feel like someone already asked this (I’m too lazy to check), but the Rahkshi don’t get frozen because they are the ones who used the Mask of Time, right? Because that seems like a pretty lousy “defense mechanism” for the Mask, just to make it so that the enemies of the mask have all the time in the world to grab it. Does Makuta have anything to do with it? Also, with the Toa and the Rahkshi unfrozen, would they still age? Not really anything that’d affect the story, just something I’m kind of curious about.
    It is a tricky question we need to think it about. Podcast

  • Are we getting something similar to the unbreakable rock layer from G1?

  • If the air lifts the Kanae island, then it would require an extremely fast wind to produce enough lift. It would have the consequence of also lifting anyone who walks outside the island, throwing them into the air. If this is not going to happen, then there is not graphical difference between the rocks being lighter and having air lift the rocks. So, then what is the difference between having the rock be made of concentrated air (be lighter) and have the air lift the rocks?

  • In the last podcast, there was a mention of Brickonicle possibly branching out into a more cosmic setting. Would there be any opposition towards bringing in villains such as the Bohrok into the universe as some sort of alien threat?

Answered Questions:

(if you have time, correct if something is wrong)

  • I’m just curious, what parts of Oomatu’s map of Arthaka are considered canon? I know the geography, and the individual regions are, but what about more specific locations such as Mt. Vakama or the temples devoted to the Element Lords?
    Nothing on the map is cannon. Podcast

  • Will Karzahni’s mask work like the Olisi from G1?
    Mostly, the only difference is that Karzhani wold not have a lot of control over the power being attacked by the masks power no stop.Podcast

  • In the instance when we have conflicting information which one should we consider as cannon? For example, a previous thread we have that Rakshi are a fusion of Rahi and Matoran, but on a recent podcast episodes it is mentioned that it is the mask of time gone awry that devolves them into their half rahi forms.
    The official Cannon list is outdated. Two contesting ideas as to why are the mask of time, devolving them and the elements being corrupted slowly transforming them. Out which them being slowly corrupted is the preferred theory. Like the Hordika. This can tie into the nuva form pitch. Podcast

  • So going by that train of thought, are the Dark Hunters all Po Matoran/Motari, or are they a pan-elemental villain faction? Think something along the lines of the Triple Threat Triad from Legend of Korra, except more of a sextet of elements instead of a trio
    They are pan-elemental villain faction. It is not like all criminals are Motari. There are not many Nahoans, because they rarely go outside Naho. Podcast

Extra info

The region with all the brown people has all the crime. It is not intentionally racist.

  • How’d Karzahni make the Elisians inside prison?
    Good question, Karzahni was not imprisoned before the war between the brothers. He was imprisoned with them. Yeah, went to long for me to write everything. Refer to the podcast 42m46s for the full rationale. Podcast

Extra info

Elisians is not canonically the lightning tribe’s name (for now Feb 24, 2018).

  • If the Brotherhood of Makuta exists in this canon, would it stand to reason that a secret society that acts in the name of Ekimu or the Toa would exist? Something like the Order of Mata Nui in the canon.
    This was discussed a while back, but it makes sense for something like that to exist. However it is not going to be cannon yet. Podcast

  • The Bible also depicted concept art for an Ihuan who resembled a G3 version of Nuju. Perhaps Nuju acted as a Grand Vizier to Izotor, and his father Matoro before him in addition to serving the royal family?
    The design was complete coincidence. Podcast

  • @Jon would it be ok to moc up stuff or scenes around the civil war or possibly set during the war? Asking just because even the basics of the war are barely written (starting event, end etc).
    Yes, please do. Keep in mind that since we have not touched upon the war yet, many concepts may end up being decanonized. It depends on the specifics. As a general rule, if you have Toa it is less likely to be canon. If it is just Matoran it is more likely. Podcast

  • Do the Mangaian Turaga usually have a figure akin to an advisor, grand vizier, or perhaps since they are a militaristic society, maybe a centurion or a brigadier
    There is not a single entity that is considered the advisor in Mangaian culture. There is a council of people. Podcast

  • Has the island been fully explored and mapped?
    In universe it has been fully mapped, but not fully explored. Podcast

  • Was there expeditions similar to the “Around the world in 80 days” and "5 weeks in a balloon?"
    There might be similar things in history but nothing as such in the main story. Podcast

  • How is history recorded and stored in the Archive in Tiro? Do they use paper or carved stone tablets? If they use paper, is it bound like a book or rolled like scrolls?
    They would use paper. Some things would be carved on stone tablets it was really important. Podcast

  • Do firespitters ACTUALLY spit fire? Some of us have assumed they do due to the name, but it has never been explicitly mentioned.
    I certainly hope so. Like a Flamethrower. Podcast

  • Is there something like last names? Are different Matoran named with the same name like in real life?
    No,there is nothing like last names as we know them today. Maybe, it is a big island.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

It is likely that they will identify themselves by region first, i.e. Narmoto of Mangai.
Last names were developed from the occupation.

  • We know the government is corrupt in Kanae, is there a similar ugly side to the government in the other regions?
    There is positives and negatives to every region. Everyone has different problems they are dealing with. Everyone has different ideas on how to deal with things.
    The other regions are not necessarily corrupt not necessarily.

  • Not much is said in regards to the government in the Motara region. Is there a central government? If not, was there one previously? Why do people decided to settle in such a inhospitable place?
    There are a of valuable things in that region. There are things to mine, things to import and export. Some where born in the region and cannot leave. Some slight racism segregates groups by powers. That being said, for some characters it would be better to live in a region without governmental control. It is a mainly lawless land.

  • There used to be a temple to a god in the region of Motara, meaning it used to be a Theocracy, or religion used to have some power there. How did the Merchant kings gained power?
    Having a temple does not mean it was a theocracy. One, the elemental gods do not impart rules on the matoran. Merchant kings gained power by leading the strongest force and controlling the entrances to the region.

  • How do the Rahkshi know their new names? How do they know they have become “the Rahkshi”?
    Rakshi means like monster. Their names are mainly descriptions of what they look like. They do not actually refer to themselves using those names, other people call them that way.

  • How does biological food nourish mechanical beings? How does reproduction work with purely mechanical beings?
    They are not fully mechanical.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

They do not need to eat metal as metal is like mineral in human bodies. It is acquired from eating other animals and some plants.

  • Do Rahi have variations in hide/fur/shell colour? If not major variations such as blue, green or purple, what about shades?
    Yes, you can have any of the mentioned colors too.

  • Are Rahi also biomechanical and if so to what percentage?
    Not an exact percentage but they have organic elements and some mechanical elements. Preferred word being synthetic, because matoran do grow with the armor.

  • Would the Rahkshi seek to disrupt trade or supplying between the regions or cities or attempt to steal Rahi used in transport?
    No, because that is not their goal. They have their own vehicles so they do not need to steal anything. Maybe in year 2 they will do some “mean” stuff.

  • Does the volcano have several vents or just the one?
    Probably more, but there is a giant one.

  • How each matoran is going to be living? What are the utilities, if any, and what public buidling exist in the cities?
    This is something people should write about, but mainly like any normal city. Purple wants bathrooms.

  • Can the elemental gods die? What can kill them? If the Gods die what happens to the regions they influenced? Say, Makuta and Ekimu group up to kill them for their imprisonment.
    Yes, they can die. No idea what would happen. It could be catastrophic for all we know.

  • Is there such a thing as a legal age to participate in something? i.e. in the Us you can drink after you are 21, drive after 18 and vote after 18.
    Participate in the army, you have to be 16-17 to be in the Mangaian army. A decent age. Probably. Depending on the region.

  • Are we going to get a matoran character similar to the Godfather in the godfather movie?
    Maybe, probably in Motara.

  • Are we getting a bestiary?
    Possibly, the archive in Tiro has a bestiary.

  • How do things like time work?
    No seasons in the way we have seasons due to the gods influences. The realistic answers is that time might work and be measured differently, however, trying to go that deep will complicate things unnecessarily. Due to how relevant this is to the story, it will not be touched upon and it will be basically assumed to be the same as normal Earth time.

  • Are Matoran still Ta-Matoran, and Ko-Matoran?
    Good question, but no. So, culturally, the region and the elements are tied together, hence an Inhuan is from the Region of Ice and is a Matoran of Ice. No matter where they live, they still share that heritage. The sense of heritage and culture is stronger with Matoran due to their elemental powers.

  • Matoran children? Going back to the Mangaian and Ihuan marraige example, if they had a child, would the child be red, white, both, or pink? And would the elemental powers be fire, ice, neither, or both? Does the birthplace affect any of this?
    The child would be either one element or the other, depending on the parents. My personal headcannon was that the closer they are to a region, the more likely that child is going to be that element (so if a Nahoan married a Mangaian, if they were in Mangaia, they were more likely to have all Mangaian children). The last time we talked about it there was a bit of a discussion about it, though.
    The birthplace affects the elemental power you are born with. How close you are to a specific region related to your parents decides what elemental powers you get.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

The elemental gods grant the powers upon death.

  • Can you please make Matoran named Varderan, Jon, Mesonak, Prpl, and Venathen?
    Probably not. One cast members have zero interest on themselves, hence why they are interested in fantasy and sci-fi.

  • Is Artakha on a planet? If so, could this planet have more islands?
    Yes, and Yes? Maybe in the future.

  • Where’s Karzahni during this again?
    He is imprisoned. The same way Makuta is imprisoned (I assume it is in a non disclosed classified location that not even the audience will know. whethr the Toa or his brother imprisoned him, I am not sure now.)

  • Are any Matoran to have made-up names?
    None of the cannon ones. Non cannon yes. However if we exahust all pre-existing names, then sure.

  • Are there police forces?
    A lot of the cultures have their own type of police. Motara has no police, all mercenaries. Motara capital has mercenaries guarding the city because the bank is there. Naho, you can say the arbiters are the police force. Ihu is a kingdom so the army is part of the police force, as they handle the protection of the island and regulating of the rules. You can say the same for Mangai as they are militaristic. Kanae has no police force. Tiro, not sure. Maybe they can have a police force. There is less conflict in Tiro to begin with.

  • Could we see a new Toa team in future years other than the protectors? Like maybe the Av-Matoran from '08?
    If there is to be a new Toa team, it will be after the deaths of our current ones.
    The thing is, the story of G3 is about this six Toa. So unless there is a soft reboot, an entirely new Toa team is not going to happen.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Toa is a smaller pool than in G1. Toa in G1 were almost a race.

  • What happens if new Toa are needed but four of the six old Toa have died. Are four chosen born? or all six chosen are born? If all six chosen are born, then what happens to the old Toa? Do they die? Do they lose their powers and become Matoran?
    Whenever a Toa dies, another child is born without elemental powers. Not having elemental powers is the “mark” of someone who has been chosen by the gods just in case. There have been many Matoran before Narmoto in Mangaia who lived and died without elemental powers and who never became Toa.
    If worst came to worst, the Elemental Gods could try and tweak the destinies of the Matoran to be roughly around the samish age, but it’s not an exact science. Most of the chosen Matoran are born staggered to prevent a total loss.
    Finally, it must be noted that the Gods aren’t completely bound to these rules. The first Toa did have elemental powers as Matoran. They’ve bonded with “non-chosen” Matoran once, and they can do it again if need be. But the Gods are picky and tend to choose Matoran from birth.
    Toa do not give up their power, they just die and a new Matoran is “chosen” by the Gods from birth. I would probably say that they tend to die a little on the younger side, due to the stress of the elemental abilities on the body, though some have managed to live to be very old.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Gods play with the destiny of the Toa, so that they all die around the same generation.

  • Would you consider the different regions one nation, or each are different?
    They are not one nation, but they aren’t separate either. They were made with the intention of being a united island once, but the regions separated and made their own culture and now they’re essentially different nations. We’re calling it the Civil War because 1. It is supposed to be a reimagining of the Matoran Civil War from G1 and 2. It is impling that these regions are supposed to be united, and they’re going away from that.

  • The question the still remains, did Norik knew about the powerless matoran being chosen for Toa?
    He does. He knows about the prophecy.

  • Is the Red Star going to play any role in this? Like maybe something to do with Karzahni?
    Not in the same way it did in G1. If it does it will have a mysterious nature.

  • What is the origin of the Mask of Time? And the brothers? Who are the parents?
    The Mask of Time was created to basically be an “undo” button for the Brothers as they were creating the island.
    There are things in our universe that we do not understand and we are never going to have an answer to them. To the question, do the brothers have have an origin? Yes. Will we be able to understand it? No.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Mask of time might not affect organic matter or it might affect organic matter.
Strength of the mask is relate to the strength of the user.
Full power Makuta can rewind the Toa out of existence. He is never full power with the mask in series though.

(Small comment on the use of the mask of time. You can have the Toa ask if anyone has found any clue to the pieces of the mask of time when a large problem arises. However the island is not frozen in time making it difficult to impossible to find the pieces. Something like Tahu: any news on the mask of time? Pohatu: No. (sad face) Kopaka: It is too unreliable, we are going to have to find another way to solve this war.)

The three Brothers stole their power from their “father”, Mata Nui, but that will never be touched upon in the current story and thus is far removed from canon. Mata Nui is not something we can understand.

  • How do the Rakshi become Rakshi (half Rahi)? (semi cannon?)
    The whole thing is devolving. Ekimu used Rahi as a base to create the matoran. This is why the Gods have Rahi shape. The use of the mask of time, devolves the matoran, making them look like half Rahi.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Makuta uses the mask of time to resurreckt Ekimu. Get reckt Ekimu. Maybe?

  • Have they chosen on a gender for all six Rahkshi? I mean, I know Norik and Iruini’s, but did they ever decide on whether or not Gaaki was a girl or not?
    No, that hasn’t been decided yet.

  • Okay, so, I’ve been wondering, if the Brotherhood of Makuta is more than just the six Matoran who become Rahkshi, why are the six who become Rahkshi the ones who become the Rahkshi? Are they chosen by Makuta or by Norik? Are they just the only six who showed up one day? Did they volunteer? The only one who makes since to me is Norik, as he’s the leader. But Iruini is like a rookie. So why? Also, they meet in Norik’s house, am I correct?
    Norik chooses them to represent the regions. They were all brought into the Cult for one thing or another. The reigning belief is, of course, that life is terrible and that they need something or someone to make it better. That someone turns out to be Makuta.

Norik chooses them, and he is aware of the Toa, so some (like Iruni) are calculated chess moves.

  • Also, who are these other Matoran members? Ahkmou? The Makuta from '08? Nobody important (most likely this)?
    Generally, nobody important. There will be important people connected to the Brotherhood, they will be seen in the Civil War arc.

  • How big are the cities in each region?
    We prefer a population per region instead of a population per city, but around 40,000 in a city. Around 100,000 to 200,000 per region. (not 100% cannon. More research on classification of cities and population distribution is needed)

  • Other than cities in each region, do matoran live in small villages?
    Yes, similar to real world, there are cities, villages and hermits. (semi-cannon? due to the hermits)

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Cities are either giant structures, like like hive cities from Warhammer 40k, or hollowed out something that was already there.

The population should feel more like Metru Nui, but not too big. University population size?

Cities contain the original elemental god temples, explaining why they became population hubs. Like capitals.

  • Do they have a diet similar to original Bionicle?
    No, they actually eat food.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):
Eating through their mouths instead of through hands.

Eating is socially acceptable now.

No actual meal plans of culinary development, that has been though about.

Barraki sushi is temporarily cannon. General Sushi is cannon.

  • Do regions have different ecosystems, or are they one gigantic ecosystem?
    No, each region is a single ecosystem, shaped by the power of the elemental gods that reside inside.

  • Does each region have their own educational system, or are they all send to study on Tiro?
    Each region has its own educational system up to 8th grade equivalent. If an individual wants higher education they go to Tiro.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):
Tiro is like an university.
Philosophers, histrorians, doctors are canon?

  • Is Kanae a group of floating islands, a gigantic island with satellites or just a gigantic Island? are they stationary or are they moving? If they are moving do they move in a specific pattern or is it random?
    The region of Kanae is a group of floating island, but each city or village can be its own isolated floating island. The Islands move, but no around the island. They float around in their own region, the speed depending on their size and distance from the temple. They have a semi-set course.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

In Kanae, you do no take the bus, you take meteoric islands that move a fast speeds. Making it lethal, to miss your “bus”. High mortality rates winkwink* nudgenudge*

  • What is the fertility and mortality rates of the Island? Do they vary from region to region?
    Yes, they vary from region to region. Kanae has high mortality and birth rates. Motara has also a high mortality rate.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

The mortality and fertility rates are before the war.

  • Do flying vehicles exist? No, not flying mounts, actual flying vehicles.
    Yes, and they should be a hot commodity.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

The vehicles should have an element of rahi, more steam punk less science fiction. Think Legend of Kora science.

Maybe high tech vehicles come after the war.

People make money in Gladiator Matches.

Political Ideologies? Ihu is a dictator ship?

  • This also related to the type of lava the volcano has, what type of eruptions does it have?
    Regular generic lava. This goes too in depth for what we plan on the series. Not really something we are going to touch upon.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):
Well, I am going to over analyse the answer from the podcast.
The volcano might erupt like the Mount Vesuvius. This means that it is a somma-stratovolcano with high possibility of it having a rhyolitic and rich in silicates lava. In other words its lava flow is dense and slow. Although there is a possibility of a Basaltic lava as seen in the eruption of Mount Tarawera. By flow type it should be a block lava flow, but as seen in Mount Nyiragongo it can also be Mafic and have an extremely fluid flow, making the lava from Hawaiian volcanoes seem slow.

  • Is the volcano and active volcano or an extinct volcano?
    It is a dormant volcano

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Might erupt when Makuta gets free.

  • Are we going to have volcanic vents on the sea?

  • Do things like ornaments even exist?
    Maybe, holidays exist, if the culture pitches have ornaments they exist.

  • Do rich people exist? or all have the same economic level? Is there a thing as being poor?
    Yes, No, Yes. Depending on the region it is going to be different. All regions have rich and poor people. In Ihu the royal family has all the moneyz, in Motara the merchant kings are rich.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Matoran mafia is cannon, or semi-canon.

  • Is there a currency? or the economy works using trade?
    There is a currency. Deeper than currently established.

  • Do they have the same fundamental laws of physics?
    Yes, until it does not apply. General physics applies, but the more obscure things might not.

Extra info (not 100% cannon):

Absolute zero is a narrative absolute zero. Not related to the scientific absolute zero.

  • Do Rahi have an ecosystem? Did Makuta plan the ecosystem? Why did he do that? Do rahi have lifespans? or do they live like elves, eternally until they are killed?
    Yes, yes. Ecosystem is all about order, and Makuta is all about control. They have lifespans, so no elf-like rahi.

  • Are all Rahi edible? Are there deadly to eat rahi? Are there Rahi that can mimic sounds, like parrots do?
    Yes, they are edible. Some are. They cannot talk, they are basically wildlife.

Extra info

Beings in G3 have exoskeletons. hence why they have “armor”.

  • Do drugs exist in this universe?
    Masks of power work similar to drugs in this world. Their power can be addictive.

  • Do matoran dream? Do they have nighmares?
    Yes, they dream of electric sheep. Yes.

  • Can Annona summon an army spiders?
    Yes. Sure

  • Could we get a clear answer if the Matorans are mechanic or bio-mechanic?
    The reason I’ve used the words “synthetic” before is to create this distinction because they are close to biological beings - much closer than they’ve been before. They are much more closer to humans with a metallic aesthetic. But they’re all artificial, even the organic parts. It’s similar to the robots on Westworld, just more robot looking on the outside.


Some of the science-based questions are the type of things some of us began asking in a recent topic, with the cause of mask powers (outside of Elemental Lord/Great Beings beliefs) being one of the first questions. I had also come up with an explanation for how lightstones form and function.

But overall, I’d say it follows the same Earth laws, outside of the elemental stuff. When you get into that area, it just becomes easier to write some of it off as just a part of the universe and not try to fully explain it.

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Yeah, Figured.
I the science stuff I was mainly wondering for things like Voriki using lightning to create a electrolysis in the water. Lewa controlling the resulting air, to extend their ability to be submerged under water. Also, it was to determine, although I think I forgot to ask, if Matoran, Toa and rahi require oxygen as their main metabolic catalyst. So if they need to breath oxygen or if they use another gas. Otherwise the electrolysis idea will not work. Also, if they can only survive at specific temperatures or envirmental conditions like us humans. Another question I forgot to ask is how advanced is their understanding on their needs and such. Do they know they need specific gas to breath? or they just know they require air. Do they know they can only survive at specific temperatures, how long they can survive without eating? drinking? Do they have organs that are fundamental for their bodies to function?

Can they survive with a whole through the chest? Do they replace damaged parts? or they they heal their injuries? Can they replace things like heads? Torsos? Arms? Legs? This is also important if you want to make war injuries important and meaningful. Matoran who went to war and lost limbs. Also, the answer to these questions set the bar on how important things are, fighting styles, and so on. If you want to defend what do you protect, where do you aim and when do you aim for such places.

I am sorry, I ended asking other questions. I was recently thinking on fighting styles and how each region fights. If they use types of martial arts and how do each develop. So these question are coming as a result of that.


They have said that the Matoran have synthetic parts and not organic, but I’m still waiting on the story bible to get the full details on that.


What I was wondering is, how do things like time work? I guess this is a bit of a pitch, but in my “History of Artakha” story pitches, I decided on some methods of keeping time. Years and days are the same length as Earth, but years are kept track in fourths, called seasons. Seasons are basically the same as Earth, but go by different names: Ta-Season (Summer), the warm season, Ko-Season (Winter), the cold season, Le-Season (Fall), the windy season, and Ga-Season (Spring), the wet season. In order to convert, just multiply the number of years by four to get seasons, and divide seasons by four to get years. Also, seconds are replaced by clacks, and minutes by clocks, and hours by clucks (inspired by Turaga Nuju’s way of speaking). They are all equal to Earth. Days and nights are still called days and nights. Those are my ideas for time.

Are Matoran still Ta-Matoran, and Ko-Matoran? I think there should be name differences in type of Matoran rather than “Mangaian” or “Ihuan”, because if a Mangaian and Ihuan were married, and they lived in Mangai, would the Ihuan still be considered an Ihuan? If not, it seems wrong to call them a “white Mangaian”. My idea is that Matoran might be racist and against interbreeding, limiting this down to a fewer amount of cases, but it would still be important.

Matoran children? Going back to the Mangaian and Ihuan marraige example, if they had a child, would the child be red, white, both, or pink? And would the elemental powers be fire, ice, neither, or both? Does the birthplace affect any of this?

Can you please make Matoran named Varderan, Jon, Mesonak, Prpl, and Venathen? I think I’ve gotten the Brainstorm cast down.

Is Artakha on a planet? If so, could this planet have more islands?

Where’s Karzahni during this again?

Are any Matoran to have made-up names?

Could we see a new Toa team in future years other than the protectors? Like maybe the Av-Matoran from '08? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Are there police forces?

Would you consider the different regions (Mangai, Ihu, Tiro, Motara, Naho, Kanae) one nation, or each are different. (I guess they’d be the same nation, as the have a civil war, but you never know)

Is the Red Star going to play any role in this? Like maybe something to do with Karzahni?

What is the origin of the Mask of Time? And the brothers? Who are the parents?

(I’ve been waiting for a topic like this)


Well, I do not think the brothers need to have parents. At least not in the traditional sense. They were born from the same thing: The primordial Chaos (I cannot remember what they named it in the published dropbox doc.) So in a sense they were born from the same thing, so they are brothers. I do not think they are genetically related, specially since genetics have no role in this world.

That is an interesting question. Maybe they are not necessarily racist. Maybe they cannot breed between different Matoran. For example, a matoran from Mangai can love someone from Ihu, but they cannot produce offspring. Maybe their elemental energies interfere killing the embryo. Maybe they cannot even produce an embryo because they have different number of chromosomes (I know I said genetics play no role here, but imagine something similar). Then again you had Takua, weird matoran, who deviated from the traditional Ta-Matoran color scheme. blue legs, and all. so maybe Takua is a mixed, like a miracle of a mixed couple. So, to answer that question, if they have children from other regions, then they would be something like Takua. At least in my opinion.

We have a way to keep time, finally.

I do not think they want more Toa to appear on the universe. So it is always going to be six. If there are new Toa teams, then the old team must die.

This leads me to another question. What happens if new Toa are needed but four of the six old Toa have died. Are four chosen born? or all six chosen are born? If all six chosen are born, then what happens to the old Toa? Do they die? Do they lose their powers and become Matoran?


They’ve talked about the families before. Even though they can technically be with Matoran from other regions, the cast is not going to actually have it, so they said they won’t bother discussing the possibilities. (That discussion was about the kid having mixed elements). Their main explanation is just that it’s not culturally accepted, and I fully support the decision. I don’t think the regions should mix because it doesn’t add anything of real value to the world without making things overly complex.

I’d say it is a planet, but currently no other islands, until they get to that point.

I think they’ve said no red star, but I’m not certain.


Thanks for the whole brothers answer, but I thought that if TTV wanted to throw in Annona, I think they should make her a Great Being, but I feel they’d have two choices there: make her a secret older sister (which they wouldn’t do because that because they did that with Karzahni), or maybe make her the mom.

I find this very dark and sad. But that’s not bad. I do feel that’s a little too dark for kids who may watch this, though they aren’t the target audience. However, the whole chromosome idea would kind of make them different species… I do like the concept of them being Takua. I feel that if they had a school, in Kindergarten, Takua’d be made fun of for his color scheme.

What if there are different islands, and Matoran live on this island, but they cannot protect themselves from some danger? Perhaps more Toa would arrive, if the current Toa can’t help them?

In the first Toa team pitch by @JediTimeLord824, which which I’m not sure if it is canon or not, Lesovikk is the only who survives. However, it makes it sound like he chose to give up his power to become a Matoran. So maybe, that could be how a Turaga is created, but what if you chose not to give up your power? What if you held onto it? I looked at this and thought, what if the power corrupted you? What if it made you mad, and beast-like? What if with the pain of losing your team, the idea that you’ve been replaced and therefore are purposeless, and the fact that you hold elemental powers so tightly literally mutates you? And then BOOM. I present to you, the Hordika.


I feel there could at least be one kid that is mixed-region to at least have variety, without making things too complex. Like maybe Takua? They did say they wanted him to be weird. Maybe his dad’s Ta-Matoran, and his mom’s Ga-Matoran?

Again, in my History of Artakha pitch, I do have cross-marraige and even cross-breeding, but that was simply for the point of political alliances and preserving the dynasty.

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But then it just seems shoehorned in, having one character like that when you’re not showing it anywhere else.

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Well, like you said: it’s not looked upon very highly in society. It’s a very rare occasion.

And that’s why I feel it’s pointless to have it at all. It would get too complex if it were common, and would become something you just add for the sake of adding if it’s rare, so it doesn’t make sense in my head. Using it for political things is valid, but I don’t see things like that being enough to justify it.

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It could have the purpose of showing Tahu as a leader who cares for even the rarest and special of kids, and if not, well here’s an example of a random person thrown in into Star Wars, one of my favorite movie series of all time. One of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars is a random alien thrown into the little group named Pao.

He’s relatively unimportant, having two lines and very little screen time. I was happy just hearing his name mentioned. He’s a member of the Drabata species, and the only one seen in any movie. That is one of the reasons I like him so much, is because very little is written about him. He’s special, but they could have put in any human for this role, rather than a Drabata. I love side characters, because I know they are important too. I find throwing Takua in as a mixed Matoran would just be a little trivia, rather than any plot-changing element.

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Ah, so there was the answer.
Well, I am sad, but I have to agree. On the story line it makes no sense to add that subplot when it is either going to complicate or add nothing of value to the original story. In a sense, it was possible in G1, because a) the only female matoran are all in Ga-koro. and b) they are not born with actual elemental powers just slight abilities. like more resistant to heat, heat vision, staying longer under water. Thing you can justify genetically in this world.

I cannot remember the red star thing, but I think they talked about it in the earlier episodes, before they called it Brainstorm.

■■■■ you making me flip flop opinions like Mitt Romney in the elections. Okay I changed my mind, It is not necessary, but that does not mean it cannot be put there. However, fact remains that they are not going to develop it further. You might et cameos of mixed, bu that does not mean they are going to be addressed like that little side character.

I have to add. I like the auto censor. I forgot about somethings.


Have they chosen on a gender for all six Rahkshi? I mean, I know Norik and Iruini’s, but did they ever decide on whether or not Gaaki was a girl or not?

So The Bible is out.

Reading it right now.

If we want to comment on it, should we do it here, or make a thread just for it?

Make a thread if the cast don’t methinks.

Okay, so, I’ve been wondering, if the Brotherhood of Makuta is more than just the six Matoran who become Rahkshi, why are the six who become Rahkshi the ones who become the Rahkshi? Are they chosen by Makuta or by Norik? Are they just the only six who showed up one day? Did they volunteer? The only one who makes since to me is Norik, as he’s the leader. But Iruini is like a rookie. So why? Also, they meet in Norik’s house, am I correct? I don’t really feel the story bible explained it well, if it did I just don’t remember.

Also, who are these other Matoran members? Ahkmou? The Makuta from '08? Nobody important (most likely this)?

We need to get a cast member in on this

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Here is the thing right? We have no idea how big the entire population is. So it is hard to determine how big the organization is.
If the cult is too big then why are they waiting, if it is too small then are they even a threat?
We need to have general population numbers before we can determine how many members it has and how many of those are going to be named.

Speaking of which. I doubt many of the questions here are going to be answered. Which is a pity, as they could help with a lot of Mocs, pitches and the such. Like when you make a game easy to mod, you require a good foundation.


Well, I would think the population would not affect the guess of the cult size. I think the only way for us to have a guess is to know the size of where they meet, just to how many members there are, or something like that. And even then, why are the Rahkshi chosen?


You are right, I missed the main point.
Still population is relevant to ■■■■■ the maximum cult size.